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NEET Biology

Biology is the study of the science of life. Biologists study the origin, growth, evolution, function and structure of living organisms. Biology has at least 9 subdivisions: Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Cellular Biology and Molecular Biology. All come under the same umbrella term. Biology is one of three core subjects in NEET, and by far the most important. It is given more weightage in the entrance exam. While preparing for NEET Biology, students must understand the co-relation between topics.

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Preparation Strategy for NEET Biology

To crack NEET Biology, start early, and get acquainted with the biology syllabus. Refer to the chapter-wise weightage of the NEET Biology syllabus, and start with the most important topics from the NEET perspective. Familiarise yourself with the exam paper pattern by referring to sample papers which will give you a clear idea of what to expect in the NEET Biology exam.

 In addition, you must have 4 other things: the determination to work hard, the correct NEET mentor/tuition teacher, a well-rounded study plan customised according to your specific needs, and a winning strategy to crack NEET. The determination and hard work is your department, but for the other three, sign up for our NEET Biology online course right away.