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NEET Biology Morphology of Flowering Plants

Morphology of Flowering Plants PDF Notes, Important Questions and Synopsis


  • Morphology is the branch of biology which deals with form, size, structure and relative position of various organs of a living organism.
  • Root is the non-green part of the plant which grows below the ground.
  • Types of Root Systems

  • Modifications of Roots

  • The stem is the ascending part of the axis bearing leaves, flowers, buds, fruits and branches.

  • Modifications of Stem

  • A leaf is a green, flattened structure which develops at the node of a stem

    Venation in Leaves

    Types of Leaves

    Reticulate Venation

    Parallel Venation

    Simple Leaves

    Compound Leaves

    Pinnately Compound Leaf

    Palmately Compound Leaf

  • Phyllotaxy is the pattern or arrangement of leaves on the stem or branch.

  • Modifications of Leaf

  • The flower is a modified reproductive shoot in angiosperms.

  • A true fruit is a mature, ripened ovary. 

  • After fertilisation, ovules develop into seeds.

  • A floral diagram provides information about the number of floral parts, arrangement of floral parts and relation of floral parts with one another.

  • A floral formula shows cohesion and adhesion within parts of whorls and between whorls.

  • Floral Formulae and Floral Diagrams of Some Important Families:


    Family Fabaceae

    Family Solanaceae

    Family Liliaceae

    Floral Formula


    Floral Diagram