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Growth Opportunities In The Education & Tuition

Growth Opportunities 1
Growth Opportunities 1

The numbers depict that India is a mega-profit market for franchise businesses.

Therefore, investing in a franchise business can lead investors toward a successful future.


Indian education system has always been struggling with too many students chasing a handful of superior quality teachers. The social and economic disparities add to this woe, forcing innumerable deserving students to compromise with their educational dreams.

Topperlearning wants to make quality education personalised and accessible to all. Although we know that technology cannot replace teachers, we also know that a teacher proficient in using technology can change the face of education. In addition, TopperLearning’s passive tutoring brings out the best in students by assisting them with study plans, feedbacks, mentoring, and rigorous but customised progress plans.

TopperLearning reaching all across the country

2 Million+

We offer

  • Brand Topperlearning Brand Topperlearning (from the house of Network 18)
  • Plug and play You can hit the ground running. Gestation lag is minimum in our Plug and play
  • growth opportunity Stupendous growth opportunity
  • Impressive returns on investments Impressive returns on investments


Expert teachers
Expert teachers for
National and state board
Textual content
Recorded Video lessons
Recorded Video
Homework Help

Easy Onboarding Process

Profile Screening

Profile Screening



Interaction with Top Management

Interaction with
Top Management

Signing in

Signing in

Franchisee Packages

1 year
Association fees *
3 Lakh to 5 Lakh
Access *
All Products listed on TL website
Deliverables *
Digital Marketing Support (Content), Brochure and Visiting Card Design, 500-1000 B2C leads every month
Onsite/onfield Product and Sales Training (2 days), Online training as per request (Maximum 12 hours in a calender year)
1 year
Association fees *
1.5 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh
Access *
CBSE/ICSE/Maharashtra Board - Choose any two (All grades)
Deliverables *
Digital Marketing Support (Content), Brochure and Visiting Card Design, 200-500 B2C leads every month
Onsite/onfield Product and Sales Training (1 day), Online training as per request (Maximum 8 hours in a calender year)
1 year
Association fees *
50K to 1 Lakh
Access *
CBSE/ICSE/Maharashtra Board- Choose any one (All grades)
Deliverables *
Brochure and Visiting Card Design, 100 B2C leads every month
Online training as per request (Maximum 6 hours in a calender year)

Other T & C *
Association fees / Access & Deliverables varies and it depend on geographical locations. GST Extra.
The Association fee shall be non-refundable.

Franchisee Requirements

Educational Qualification - Graduate and above
keen interest in Education
Full time involvement in the venture
High Customer Service Orientation
Technologically savvy

Yes, many of our existing business partners have done so profitably in different cities.

The investment required varies with factors such as the TopperLearning product, location, duration and the business model offered by TopperLearning.

After an application is received from a potential applicant, the selection process usually takes about five working days.

After you submit your application form and if you are selected, we assign a dedicated franchisee account manager who will take you through the on-boarding process.

The licence is valid for one year. It can be renewed after the end of the first year depending on the terms and conditions prevailing at that point of time.
As an individual with great passion for learning and desired growth, you could start all by yourself. TopperLearning is passionate about learning and the learning process, so we would be glad to see more people join you and us according to the ever growing demands of the educational sector.
  • TopperLearning provides ongoing support to its business partners in the areas of Training, Sales and Marketing. We also equip our partners with the required branding and marketing collateral.
  • Web Visibility: We provide business partner's details on our Partner’s page, so that inquiries can be sought directly from students / schools.
  • Marketing Collaterals: Complete design of marketing collateral support (open soft copies of posters, banners & leaflets)
  • On-field Support:
    • On-the-ground support thru field visits & meeting important stakeholders like principals, teachers etc (Need to be planned in advance and based on the availability)
    • Taking presentations/seminars*
    • Passing on leads from that city/town (As per available sources)
  • Training:
    • Additionally, training is our responsibility where we train the counsellors/field sales people thru webinars.
    • Training can also be provided at partner's office.*

Our Network

The Edtech sector was fast expanding worldwide before Covid 19 related disruptions accelerated its growth through the almost overnight adoption of technology tools in the education sector. Our e-learning initiatives have gained popularity due to their effectiveness and cost efficiencies across the country.

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