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TopperLearning presents an exciting school partnership programme specially designed for schools and educational institutes wherein they can help their students have instant access to quality learning resources.

Why join the TopperLearning School Solutions Programme?

We are India's leading Ed-Tech company and are constantly innovating new technical capabilities in smart education to help you stay ahead of the competition. Reap all the benefits of smart education through TopperLearning's school business partnership activities.

Benefits to tuition centre

Our Partners are equipped with various teaching resources and exciting packages which help them and their students to grow better.

Access to quality study materials

TopperLearning provides a perfect blend of online and offline learning solutions for schools.

Increase student retention and teachers' effectiveness

Provide your students with helpful study resources, while at the same time, give your teachers innovative tools for effective classroom teaching, both leading to improved results.

Boost lead generation opportunities

Improved student outcome leads to creating an academic brand image in the education sector.

What we provide to tuition centres?

TopperLearning tuition centre solutions comprise a broad range of complementary solutions depending on the type of partnership that works best for your business. For tuition centres, we provide

Online Study material

  • Revision notes
  • Topic notes
  • Solved sample papers
  • Solved previous years' question papers
  • Ask a doubt
  • Textbook solutions

Test Generation Interface

  • Ability to create your own test based on Subject, Chapter, Board and Class

Are you ready to get started?

The TopperLearning partner programme is designed to help grow your business. When you become our partner, you get instant access to our complete product portfolio and business benefits. Our partners across India have moved to a new paradigm of business. Contact us to know how you can too.

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