CBSE Class 10 Syllabus

  • Science  |  View Syllabus

    • Biology

      Life Processes

      • Nutrition in Plants
      • Nutrition in Animals
      • Introduction to Respiration
      • Respiration in Humans
      • Circulatory System in Humans
      • Transportation in Human
      • Transportation in Plants
      • Excretion

      Control and Coordination

      • Central Nervous System in Humans
      • Nervous and Muscular Coordination
      • Chemical Coordination in Plants
      • Chemical Coordination in Animals

      How Do Organisms Reproduce?

      • Reproduction and Its Kinds
      • Modes of Asexual Reproduction
      • Sexual Reproduction in Plants
      • Reproductive System in Humans
      • Sexual Reproduction in Humans

      Heredity and Evolution

      • Heredity and Variation
      • Evolution and Evidences of Evolution
      • Mechanism of Evolution
      • Evolution and Classification


      • Environmental Problems
      • Ecosystem - Nutrients and Energy Flow

      Management of Natural Resources

      • Importance of Natural Resources
      • Water - Importance and Conservation
      • Conservation of Natural Resources
    • Chemistry

      Chemical Reactions and Equations

      • Chemical Reactions
      • Chemical Equations
      • Combination and Decomposition Reaction
      • Types of Displacement Reactions
      • Redox Reactions

      Acids, Bases and Salts

      • Introduction to Acids and Bases
      • Properties of Acids and Bases
      • pH Scale and its Importance
      • Important Chemical Compounds

      Metals and Non Metals

      • Physical Properties of Metals and Non-Metals
      • Chemical Properties of Metals
      • Metals in Nature
      • Metallurgy
      • Electrovalent Bonding of Metals

      Carbon and Its Compounds

      • Covalent Bonding of Non-Metals
      • Introduction to Hydrocarbons
      • Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
      • Properties of Hydrocarbons
      • Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids

      Periodic Classification of Elements

      • Classification - Early Attempts
      • Modern Periodic Table of Elements
    • Physics

      Light - Reflection and Refraction

      • Reflection of Light
      • Spherical Mirrors
      • Reflection by Spherical Mirrors
      • Mirror Formulae
      • Refraction of Light
      • Refraction Through Glass
      • Refraction Through Spherical Lens
      • Lens Formulae
      • Spherical Lens and its Power

      The Human Eye and The Colourful World

      • Human Eye
      • Defects of Vision
      • Dispersion of Light
      • Atmospheric Refraction
      • Scattering of Light


      • Current and Voltage
      • Ohm's Law
      • Resistors in Series and Parallel
      • Heating Effect of Electric Current

      Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

      • Magnetic Field
      • Magnetic Force
      • Electromagnetic Induction

      Sources of Energy

      • Conventional Sources of Energy
      • Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
  • Mathematics  |  View Syllabus

    • Real Numbers

      • Euclid's Division Lemma and Algorithm
      • Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
      • Rational and Irrational Numbers


      • Geometric Meaning of The Zeroes
      • Zeroes and Coefficients
      • Division Algorithm For Polynomials

      Pair of Linear Equations in 2 Variables

      • Graphical Solution to Linear Equations
      • Substitution Method
      • Elimination Method
      • Cross Multiplication Method
      • Equations Reducible to Linear Form

      Quadratic Equations

      • Introduction to Quadratic Equations
      • Solution of Quadratic Equations by Factorisation
      • Solving Quadratic Equations Using The Formula
      • Method of Completing The Square
      • Nature of Roots
      • Word Problems in Quadratic Equations

      Arithmetic Progression

      • Introduction to Arithmetic Progression
      • nth Term of an A.P.
      • Sum of n Terms of an A.P.
      • Word Problems of A.P.


      • Basic Proportionality Theorem
      • Converse of BPT
      • Criteria For Similar Triangles
      • Problems on Similar Triangles
      • Areas of Similar Triangles
      • Pythagoras Theorem
      • Problems on Pythagoras Theorem

      Coordinate Geometry

      • Distance Formula
      • Section Formula
      • Area of Triangles

      Introduction to Trigonometry

      • Trigonometrical Ratios
      • Trigonometric Tables
      • Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles
      • Introduction to Trigonometric Identities
      • Applications of Trigonometric Identities

      Some Applications of Trigonometry

      • Introduction to Heights and Distances
      • Applications of Heights and Distances


      • Tangents to A Circle
      • Properties of Tangents


      • Division of a Line Segment
      • Constructions of Similar Triangles
      • Construction of Tangents

      Areas Related to Circles

      • Area and Circumference of a Circle
      • Areas of Sectors and Segments
      • Areas of Combination of Figures

      Surface Areas and Volumes

      • Surface Area: Combination of Solids
      • Volume: Combination of Solids
      • Conversion of Solids
      • Frustum of a Cone


      • Arithmetic Mean of Grouped Data
      • Mode of Grouped Data
      • Median of Grouped Data
      • Relation Between Central Tendencies
      • Cumulative Frequency Curve


      • Classical Approach to Probability
      • Applications of Probability
  • Hindi  |  View Syllabus

    • Vyakran


      • Varn-Vichched

      Anuswar, Anunaasik, Nukata

      • Anuswar, Anunaasik, Nukata


      • Prefix


      • Suffix

      Joining Letters

      • Joining Letters

      Compound Words

      • Compound Words


      • Syntax

      Figure of Speech

      • Figure of Speech


      • Punctuation


      • Voice


      • Parsing

      Correction of Incorrect Sentences

      • Correction of Incorrect Sentences

      Idioms and Proverbs

      • Idioms and Proverbs


      • Ras
  • Social Studies  |  View Syllabus

    • History

      The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

      • The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

      The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

      Nationalism in India

      The Making of a Global World

      • The Making of a Global World

      The Age of Industrialisation

      • The Age of Industrialisation

      Work, Life and Leisure: Cities in the Contemporary World

      Print Culture and the Modern World

      • Print Culture and the Modern World

      Novels, Society and History

      • Novels, Society and History
    • Civics

      Power Sharing

      • Power Sharing


      • Federalism

      Democracy and Diversity

      • Democracy and Diversity

      Gender, Religion and Caste

      • Gender, Religion and Caste

      Popular Struggles and Movements

      Political Parties

      Outcomes of Democracy

      Challenges to Democracy

    • Geography

      Resources and Development

      • Resources and Development

      Forest and Wildlife Resources

      • Forest and Wildlife Resources

      Water Resources

      • Water Resources
      • Water Resources
      • Water Resources
      • Water Resources
      • Water Resources
      • Water Resources


      • Agriculture

      Minerals and Energy Resources

      Manufacturing Industries

      Lifelines of National Economy

    • Economics


      • Development

      Sectors of the Indian Economy

      • Sectors of the Indian Economy

      Money and Credit

      Globalisation and the Indian Economy

      Consumer Rights

  • English  |  View Syllabus

    • Grammar


      Word forms

      Correct Usage

      • Gap filling
      • Sentence or Dialogue Completion
      • Sentence Reordering
      • Editing
      • Omission
      • Sentence Transformation


      Avoiding Repetition

      Figures of Speech

      Types of sentences (Form)


      Active and Passive Voice


      Homophones and Homonyms

      Types of sentences (Meaning)


      Parts of Speech

      Synonyms and Antonyms

      Subject- Verb Agreement

      Synthesis of Sentences

      Question Formation

      Finites, Non-finites, Participles

      Transformation of Sentences

      Idioms and Phrases


      Phrases and Clauses

      Prefixes and Suffixes




      Direct and Indirect Speech


    • Comprehension and Composition

      Formal Letter Writing

      Precis Writing

      Notice Writing

      Debate Writing

      Diary Entry

      Speech Writing

      Dialogue Writing

      Article Writing

      Message Writing

      Report Writing

      Reading Comprehension

      Story Writing

      Email Writing

      Paragraph Writing

      Informal Letter Writing

      Essay Writing