NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi CBSE

Hindi language in CBSE Class 8 comprises 18+ chapters, so remembering all the concepts at one go is difficult. NCERT Textbook Solutions by TopperLearning for CBSE Class 8 Hindi serve as a handy tool for effective preparation in the examination.

Our NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 8 students are solved chapter-wise. They cover all the important concepts in detail. CBSE students of Hindi language prefer our solutions as they are prepared by our TopperLearning experts who have extensive years of experience. By solving our NCERT Solutions for CBSE class 8, students feel confident enough to answer the examination and can fare better in Hindi. Our solutions have a detailed approach to every chapter. By referring to our NCERT Solutions, students will discover all the important things that they need to learn or improvise on.

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Hindi Ncert Solutions

Vasant Bhag 3 2010

Chapter-wise list of NCERT solution for Class 8 Hindi:

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi

Get NCERT Solutions for the following CBSE Class 8 Hindi chapters:


Chapter 1: Dhwani

Through this poem, the poet wants to take away the laziness of the flowers and make them energetic. The poet also discusses the relevance of the spring season. Understand what the poet is trying to say through the poem with the help of our NCERT Solutions.


Chapter 2: Lankh ki Chudiyan

In this story, learn about the changes that the ‘Machine Age’ has brought into the life of people. Understand the concept of the barter system in Hindi. Find out why the author visited his uncle’s village when he was a kid and how machines led to unemployment concerns in Badlu kaka’s life.


Chapter 3: Bus ki Yatra

With the NCERT textbook solutions for Chapter 3, you’ll be able to write about the author’s experience of travelling on a bus. Our Hindi experts will help you to explain the condition of the bus and what people advise when taking the bus.


Chapter 4: Diwanon ki Hasti

Get all the answers to the NCERT textbook questions for this poem by Bhagwati Charan Verma which is part of your Class 8 Hindi syllabus. Find out the poet’s perspective about life and what he feels about the beggars in the world.


Chapter 5: Chiththiyon ki Anuthi Duniya

Through the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 5, discover the fascinating world of letters. Revise the importance of stamps, pin code etc. while sending letters. Find out what will happen if you send a letter without using the correct stamps.


Chapter 6: Bhagwan ke Dakiae

In this chapter, the poet presents birds and clouds as the postmen/messengers of gods. With the help of answers by Hindi experts, find out who can read the letters from birds and clouds and what kind of messages the poet is talking about.


Chapter 7: Kya Nirash Huaa Jaae

The expert solutions for this chapter will help you to understand the author’s experiences of being cheated by people. Through this chapter, the author explains the importance of being careful in various scenarios and how it is easy to preach but difficult to practice following the ideal principles of life.


Chapter 8: Yah Sab Se Kathin Samay Nahi

Study and understand the meaning of this poem by Jaya Jadwani with the help of NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi. These solutions are prepared by our Hindi expert teachers and will tell you why the poetess feels that there won’t be difficult times if we persist and have courage while trying to fulfil our goals.


Chapter 9: Kabir ki Sakhiyan

The famous poet Kabir has written some of the prominent works in the Hindi language. Our Hindi experts support your learning by helping you understand the work of Kabir in this chapter. Study some of the powerful verses of Kabir with our NCERT Solutions which can help you get better marks too.


Chapter 10: Kaamchor

The chapter focuses on how children should be involved in household chores to help them understand the importance of hard work and sharing responsibilities. Also, the author explains how assigning tasks to children can make them more productive and less dependent on others in the future.


Chapter 11: Jab Cinema Ne Bolna Sikha

Revise the amazing history of cinema in India and understand how sound technologies have transformed the movie viewing experience. Learn about dubbing and interesting trivia related to movie-making.


Chapter 12: Sudama Charit

NCERT Solutions for Hindi Vasant Class 8 Chapter 12 takes you through the story of Lord Krishna and his friend Sudama. Get answers by Hindi experts to write accurately in your exam about Sudama’s troubles and how Lord Krishna helps his friend.


Chapter 13: Jaha Pahiya Hai

In Vasant Chapter 12 of your CBSE Class 8 Hindi syllabus, you’ll understand how cycling made way for a social movement for women’s rights. The NCERT Solutions will help you revise answers about the women’s movement in rural Tamil Nadu and how women fought for equal rights with cycling.


Chapter 14: Akbari Lota

NCERT Solutions will help you to write correct answers for questions from this interesting story by Annapurnanand Verma. Learn about why the main character of the story, Bhilwasi, steals from his wife and ends up fooling a person with a fake story. Also, revise the important idioms in Hindi present in this chapter.


Chapter 15: Surdas ke Pad

Solutions for Chapter 15 questions from your NCERT Hindi Class 8 textbook will help you understand the story of Lord Krishna when he was a small child. Also, get answers on grammar questions such as opposite words and similar words in Hindi.


Chapter 16: Paani ki Kahani

This chapter tells a story about water by Ramchandra Tiwari. Get simple explanations for NCERT textbook questions by Hindi experts to revise this important chapter. Learn about the formation of water, the process of transpiration in plants and other concepts discussed in the chapter.


Chapter 17: Baaj aur Saanp

Revise the story of the brave hawk and the snake through the NCERT Solutions for this Class 8 chapter. Find out why the hawk seemed like someone who lives life to the fullest. Also, get answers on how humans fulfilled their aspiration of flying like the birds in the sky.


Chapter 18: Topi

Through NCERT solutions for Vasant Chapter 18 Topi in your Class 8 syllabus, revise the fun story of two sparrows who argue about the clothes of humans. Find out how the female sparrow fulfils the dream of getting a cap woven for herself and what happens when she shows off her beautiful cap to the king in the story.


Why are NCERT Solutions important?

  • Solutions are apt and reliable
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