TopperLearning Partner Programme

As one of the leading e-learning platforms in India, the TopperLearning Partner Programme invites investors looking to create a positive change in the academic sphere. You can partner with us through the Franchisee, Enterprise or Test Generator programmes and be a key player in the EdTech revolution.

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Open up a world of business opportunities with TopperLearning’s franchise partnership. As a partner, you will promote our services to students and various educational institutions. As the edTech leader of Network18, we will offer you a credible brand name that is renowned for its quality and support.

Franchisee Franchisee Franchisee

What is a franchisee business?

A franchise is a business where the business owner, or the franchisor, licences its services - along with its branding, products, and knowledge to an investor, or a franchisee, in exchange for a franchise fee.

Who is eligible?

Investors who wish to grow their business in the education sector and want to become inspiring leaders striving to provide quality education for all.

Investment required?

You can choose investment options ranging from 2.5 Lakh to 5 Lakh and select one that suits your budget and business objectives.

Franchisee Benefits

Association with Network18
Affordable custom learning solutions
Service delivery module
Constant support and assistance
Maximum ROI with revenue sharing
Expert marketing support


An all-in-one eLearning solution where students can watch video lectures, access the syllabus, take online tests assigned by teachers, and get their doubts cleared quickly. The enterprise solution aims to simplify the learning and assessment process by creating a platform where stakeholders can collaborate and communicate for efficient learning.

Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise

What is an enterprise solution?

The enterprise solution is an integrated platform for teachers, students, parents and principals that institutes can use to boost the teaching-learning process. There are separate platforms where students can take tests and platforms where teachers can assess their performance. The admin or the principal can monitor the activities of each teacher and student while parents get instant reports of their ward’s performance.

Who is eligible?

The enterprise solution is available for schools and coaching institutes that want a simple, seamless user experience to create, monitor, manage, and analyse academic performance.

Investment required?

The applicable fee for the enterprise solution ranges from Rs. 25,000 to 2 Lakh per month, based on the institute's needs and specifications.

Enterprise Benefits

Test preparation platform
Premium academic content
Quality study materials
Study material by experts
Doubt-solving support
Increase student loyalty

Test Generator

Empower educators by opting for the test generator. This easy-to-use platform lets teachers create new test papers by choosing from the massive question bank, customised according to board and class, for regular assessment.

Test Generator Test Generator Test Generator

What is the Test Generator?

It is an interface that schools, private tutors, coaching institutes, and teachers can use to create customised test papers by choosing a set of questions based on the board, class, subject, chapter and topic.

Who is eligible?

Educators who are associated with schools and coaching institutes, as well as private tutors, can use the test generator to instantly prepare test papers for students.

Investment required?

The applicable fees range from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 25,000 per year based on the scale of usage..

Test Generator Benefits

Test Generator
Test Generator
Quick access
Test Generator
An extensive set of questions
Test Generator
Test Generator
Save time and money
Test Generator
Easy customisation


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Partner with TopperLearning

As the education franchise business in India takes off, you get to be a part of the team, bringing about positive changes in the industry. During the pandemic, the teaching-learning process underwent a massive change, boosting online education and using interactive eLearning solutions that allowed teachers to support their students in numerous ways.

With the rise of eLearning platforms, education franchise opportunities also increased, owing to the great return on investments these businesses offered since students are always looking for top-notch study materials. TopperLearning is one of the best education franchises in India that is known for its premium study materials, high ROI, and constant support for partners in the form of training and marketing collateral.

Why Join Hands?

Considering an online education franchise in India is a profitable decision. This is also your chance to achieve your entrepreneurial goals as you stand at the forefront of the action with the support and guidance of the franchisor. When you invest in a partner programme, whether a programme for private tutors or a coaching institute franchise, you get to use TopperLearning’s renowned brand name. You are associated with one of India’s top media conglomerates - Network18.

If you are looking for the best coaching franchise in India, TopperLearning has franchise programmes for coaching centres as well. With a wide range of services and products, students will be able to study efficiently, instructors will be able to teach seamlessly, and parents will be able to analyse their child's performance easily. A partnership with TopperLearning is one of India's best education franchise opportunities you can choose today.

The education franchise is one of the most profitable businesses in the country since the education market is predicted to grow to USD 87.3 billion by 2028, which shows investing in an education franchise model is wise.

With TopperLearning, you can invest in an education franchise in India with low investment but expect maximum ROI since brand recognition allows for top-notch marketing while quality study materials earn students' loyalty. As a promoter of education franchise opportunities in India, TopperLearning is waiting for you to join us so we can ensure quality education reaches every student. As the most profitable education franchise in India, you can expect nothing less than the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

A franchise business is profitable since brand recognition lets franchisees start strong, helping them get new clients immediately. Instead of starting a business from scratch, investors can opt for a brand that is already well known, reducing competition and risk. The franchisor will guide and train all partners - in terms of service or marketing so franchisees save on needless expenses.

As one of the fastest-growing franchise sectors, owning a franchise business has numerous benefits.

  • When partnering with an established brand, the franchise has high brand awareness, leading to a high success rate.
  • Franchisees can work according to the franchisor's guidance, getting ready-made solutions to challenges.
  • Investment costs are reduced significantly, especially when the franchisor takes care of initial expenses related to infrastructure, marketing, and so on.

After the pandemic, education franchising has seen a massive rise in India. The education market is set to grow to USD 87.3 billion by 2028, and the number of students in schools is set to touch 30 crore by 2030. Today most students want to access quality education that is convenient, engaging and comprehensive, the solution to which is education franchising. Thus, the future of franchising in education is bright.

Some things to keep in mind before investing in an educational franchise are:

  • Budget: Research all options to understand which franchise option is most suitable for you and which ones offer the most return on investment.
  • Brand value: Investing in a well-known brand, such as TopperLearning, helps safeguard against several risks associated with starting a new business.
  • Services and products: It is best to go for an established business where the services and products get regular updates and continuous revisions.
  • Guidance and support: Ensure that the franchisor will offer periodical training to help you offer the best service. Moreover, they should also offer you guidance and support in times of need.

After investing in an education franchise, some things to remember are:

  • Post-investment support: Take full advantage of the post-investment support service franchisors extend to your business.
  • Marketing: Employ all marketing techniques that the franchisor has given you to ensure consistent business growth and the brand's continued credibility.
  • Support and guidance: Reach out to the franchisor to figure out solutions to upcoming challenges or risks.
  • Constant Collaboration: Good collaboration and communication help franchisees implement revisions, identify potential risks and be a part of brand success.

Education franchise is one of India's most profitable business opportunities because they provide low overhead costs as they do not need physical spaces or expensive equipment. Education franchises have a lucrative market due to the increasing demand for quality education. Long-term programmes for students help franchises create a consistent revenue source. Established brands create the most profitable franchises due to increased brand recognition. Additionally, the government also introduces policies to boost the education sector, increasing the profits for education franchises.

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