SELINA Solutions for Class 9 Physics ICSE

ICSE Class 9 is an important stage because you are only one step away from the board exams, and the syllabus from this standard starts preparing you for the board exams. Everything that you study here is important as it acts as the foundation for other important stages. The material at TopperLearning for ICSE Class 9 is detailed and designed to enhance the performance of students during the examinations. The course content is prepared for all the subjects—Mathematics, Economics, Economic Applications, Hindi, English, Science and Social Studies. 

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SELINA Solutions Physics

Selina Concise Physics IX 2020

Selina Solutions for Class 9 Physics

Chapter 1 – Measurement and Experimentation

This chapter encompasses the fundamental units in Physics like measurement and experimentation. It discusses the international measurement units at length such as CGS and FPS. This chapter also focuses on time, simple pendulum and various numericals.

Chapter 2 – Motion in One Dimension

After covering measurement and units of measurement in the previous chapter, motion discusses distance, displacement, velocity, and scalar and vector quantities. It also explains the equations and numericals which entail the topic.

Chapter 3 – Laws of Motion

After explaining in detail the concept of motion, the third chapter explains the laws of motion in detail and then moves on to the various physical quantities and their respective roles in motion. This chapter also focuses on force and objects. The three famous laws of motion by Newton are explained in detail. The laws are followed by exercises which explain the application of each law.

Chapter 4 – Pressure in Fluids and Atmospheric Pressure

This chapter explains thrust and pressure and the correlation between each concept. Additionally, the chapter talks about atmospheric pressure in fluids and the transmission of pressure in fluids through Pascal’s law. It also explains how to measure pressure via the simple barometer, Fortin’s barometer and aneroid barometer.

Chapter 5 – Upthrust in Fluids, Archimedes’ Principle and Flotation

This chapter explains the rules of upthrust in fluids and concepts around it. The upthrust is also called buoyant force and is illustrated through sufficient examples. The other two important topics are Archimedes’ principle and principle of flotation which are covered through various application-based examples.

Chapter 6 – Heat and Energy

Heat is energy, whereas temperature is a quantity. The chapter Heat and Energy explains the various concepts that revolve around heat. This includes the definition, example and other units. This chapter also focuses on the various types of energy and their sources.

Chapter 7 – Reflection of Light

This chapter discusses how laws of reflection and images are formed by a plane mirror. It also discusses the formation of images through spherical mirrors and other pairs of mirrors. When light falls on an object, it sends the rays back, thus reflecting the light that fell on the surface of the object.

Chapter 8 – Propagation of Sound Waves

Sound is a form of energy, and this energy produces sensation in our ears. The chapter Propagation of Sound Waves includes production and propagation of sound waves, infrasonic, sonic and ultrasonic frequencies. Through various concepts and applications, this chapter sheds light on how this energy is carried by waves.

Chapter 9 – Current Electricity

This chapter talks about electricity and its sources. It also covers sources of direct current and the symbols that are used in circuit diagrams. It talks about topics such as efficient uses of energy and the various aspects of electricity including potential difference and resistance.

Chapter 10 – Magnetism

The chapter Magnetism introduces students to the properties of magnets. This chapter also explores natural and artificial magnets. It then dives deep into the topic and talks about the magnetic field of the Earth, induced magnetism, magnetic field lines, neutral points etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find complete Selina solutions for ICSE Class 9 Physics?

You can find the complete and solved questions for ICSE Class 9 Physics Selina Solutions here at TopperLearning.

Are Selina Solutions helpful for ICSE Class 9?

Selina Solutions are regarded as one of the best books after the ICSE textbook for practising Science and Maths topics for ICSE Class 9 revision.

What should I study apart from Selina Solutions for ICSE Class 9?

You can study the detailed study material available at TopperLearning for the ICSE Class 9 exam. Our study materials include most important questions, objective questions, sample papers, video lessons, revision notes etc. And not just Selina Solutions, we have notes from various publishers to help you get maximum exposure and to clear your doubts.

Do Selina Solutions cover complex topics?

Yes, they not only cover complex topics but also present it in the most simplified manner.

How do Selina Solutions help students?

Selina Solutions help students to build a strong foundation for the knowledge of students and prepare them for exams.