CBSE Class 7 Syllabus

  • Mathematics  |  View Syllabus

    • Integers

      • Introduction to Integers
      • Properties of Addition and Subtraction of Integers
      • Multiplication of Integers
      • Division of Integers

      Fractions and Decimals

      • Introduction to Fractions
      • Equivalent Fractions
      • Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
      • Multiplication of Fractions
      • Division of Fractions
      • Introduction to Decimal Numbers
      • Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Numbers
      • Multiplication of Decimal Numbers
      • Division of Decimal Numbers

      Data Handling

      • Organization and Representing Data
      • Collection and Classification of Data
      • Arithmetic Mean
      • Median and Mode
      • Double Bar Graphs
      • Introduction to Probability

      Simple Equations

      • Solving Simple Equations
      • Application of Linear Equations

      Lines and Angles

      • Introduction to Lines and Angles
      • Problems on Lines and Angles
      • Types of Angles
      • Pair of Angles
      • Pair of Lines

      The Triangle and Its Properties

      • Altitude and Median of Triangle
      • Angle Sum Property of A Triangle
      • Inequality Relations in A Triangle
      • Pythagoras Property

      Congruence of Triangles

      • Congruent Figures
      • Congruence Criteria

      Comparing Quantities

      • Ratios of Quantities
      • Introduction to Percentages
      • Percentage
      • Application of Percentages
      • Profit and Loss

      Rational Numbers

      • Introduction to Rational Numbers
      • Representation on Number Line
      • Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers
      • Multiplication and Division of Rational Numbers

      Practical Geometry

      • Construction of Parallel Lines
      • Construction of Triangles
      • More on Construction of Triangles

      Perimeter and Area

      • Area of Parallelograms
      • Area of Triangles
      • Perimeter and Area of Circles
      • Perimeter of Polygons

      Algebraic Expressions

      • Introduction to Algebraic Expressions
      • Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions

      Exponents and Powers

      • Introduction to Exponents
      • Exponent Notation


      • Line Symmetry
      • Rotational Symmetry
      • Reflection Symmetry
      • Problems on Symmetry

      Visualising Solid Shapes

      • Plane and Solid Figures
      • Nets For Building 3D Shapes
      • Sketches of Solids
      • Viewing Different Sections of A Solid
  • Science  |  View Syllabus

    • Nutrition in Plants

      • Photosynthesis
      • Modes of Nutrition in Plants

      Nutrition in Animals

      • Digestion in Humans
      • Digestion in Grass Eating Animals

      Fibre to Fabric

      • Steps for Obtaining Wool Fibre from Animals
      • How is Silk Obtained?


      • Temperature and Heat
      • Thermometers
      • Heat Transfer: Conduction
      • Heat Transfer: Convection
      • Heat Transfer: Radiation

      Acids, Bases and Salts

      • Acids and Bases
      • Indicators
      • Neutralisation Reaction

      Physical and Chemical Changes

      • Physical and Chemical Changes
      • Rusting of Iron

      Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate

      • Weather
      • Climate
      • Climate and Adaptation

      Winds, Storms and Cyclones

      • Air
      • Wind
      • Thunderstorms
      • Effects of Cyclones and Tornadoes


      • Soil and Its Profile
      • Types of Soil
      • Soil Characteristics
      • Soil and Crops

      Respiration in Organisms

      • Respiration
      • Breathing
      • Mechanism of Breathing in Human Beings
      • Breathing in Animals and Respiration in Plants

      Transportation in Animals and Plants

      • Circulatory System - Blood and Blood Vessels
      • Circulatory System - Heart
      • Excretory System in Humans
      • Transport of Water and Nutrients in Plants

      Reproduction in Plants

      • Asexual Reproduction in Plants
      • Sexual Reproduction in Plants: Pollination and Fertilisation
      • Seed Formation and Seed Dispersal

      Motion and Time

      • Time and its Measurement
      • Speed and its Measurement
      • Distance-Time Graphs

      Electric Current and its Effects

      • Electric Circuit and its Components
      • Heating Effect of Electric Current
      • Magnetic Effect of Electric Current


      • Properties of Light
      • Reflection of Light
      • Spherical Mirrors: Convex
      • Spherical Mirrors: Concave
      • Lenses
      • Dispersion of Light

      Water : A Precious Resource

      • Groundwater
      • Water Management

      Forests: Our Lifeline

      • Forests and Living Beings
      • Importance of Forests

      Wastewater Story

      • Water and its Contamination
      • Wastewater Treatment
      • Better Housekeeping Practices
  • English  |  View Syllabus

    • Grammar


      • Transitive And Intransitive
      • Main, Helping, and Modal Auxiliaries
      • Subject-Verb Agreement, Finite And Non-Finite




      • Forms of Tenses

      Types of Sentences

      • Based On Form
      • Based On Meaning


      • Types of Adverbs

      Question Tags

      • Question Tags

      Parts of Speech


      • Types of Prepositons
      • Functions of Prepositions

      Direct and Indirect Speech


      • Definite and Indefinite



      • Active and Passive Voice


      • Types of Nouns
      • Number
      • Countable And Uncountable
      • Gender
      • Possessive Case


      • Basic Punctuations
      • Advanced Punctuations


      • Synonyms and Antonyms
      • Homonyms and Homophones
      • Prefixes and Suffixes
      • Idioms Phrases and Proverbs
      • The same word used as different parts of speech


      • Personal Pronouns
      • Reflexive, Emphatic, Interrogative and Relative
      • Demonstrative/Possessive



      • Types of Adjectives
      • Participles
      • Royal order of Adjectives

      Parts of A Sentence

      • Subject and Predicate
    • Comprehension and Composition

      Message Writing

      Dialogue Writing

      Story Writing

      Reading Comprehension

      Paragraph Writing

      Informal Letter Writing

      Essay Writing

      Formal Letter Writing

      Precis Writing

      Notice Writing

      Diary Entry

  • Social Studies  |  View Syllabus

    • History

      Tracing Changes Through A Thousand Years

      New Kings and Kingdoms

      The Delhi Sultans

      The Mughal Empire

      Rulers and Buildings

      Towns, Traders and Craftspersons

      Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

      Devotional Paths to the Divine

      The Making of Regional Cultures

      Eighteenth-Century Political Formations

    • Civics

      On Equality

      Role of the Government in Health

      How the State Government Works

      Growing Up As Boys and Girls

      Women Change the World

      Understanding Media

      Understanding Advertising

      Markets Around Us

      A Shirt in the Market

      Struggles for Equality

    • Geography


      Inside Our Earth

      Our Changing Earth



      Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

      Human Environment - Settlement, Transport and Communication

      Human Environment Interactions: The Tropical and Subtropical Region

      Life in the Temperate Grasslands

      Life in the Deserts

  • Hindi  |  View Syllabus

    • Vyakran


      • Nouns


      • Gender


      • Number


      • Case


      • Pronouns


      • Adjectives


      • Verbs


      • Tenses


      • Voice


      • Adverbs


      • Prepositions


      • Conjunctions


      • Interjections


      • Prefix


      • Suffix

      Joining Letters

      • Joining Letters

      Compound Words

      • Compound Words

      Aids to Vocabulary

      • Aids to Vocabulary


      • Syntax


      • Punctuation

      Idioms and Proverbs

      • Idioms and Proverbs

      Correction of Incorrect Sentences

      • Correction of Incorrect Sentences
    • Saaransh Lekhan

      Hum Panchhi Unmukt Gagan Ke

      Daadi Maa

      Himalaya Ki Betiyan



      Rakt Aur Hamara Sharir

      Papa Kho Gaye

      Shaam Ek Kisaan

      Chidiya Ki Bacchi

      Apurv Anubhav

      Rahim Ke Dohe



      Khanpan Ki Badalti Tasvir


      Bhor Aur Barkha

      Veer Kunwar Singh

      Sangharsh Ke Karan Main Tunak Mijaj Ho Gaya

      Aashram Ka Anumanit Vyay

      Viplav Gayan