NEET Syllabus

  • Biology  |  View Syllabus

    • The Living World

      Biological Classification

      Plant Kingdom

      Animal Kingdom

      Morphology of Flowering Plants

      Anatomy of Flowering Plants

      Structural Organisation in Animals

      Cell : The Unit of Life


      Cell Cycle and Cell Division

      Transport in Plants

      Mineral Nutrition

      Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

      Respiration in Plants

      Plant Growth and Development

      Digestion and Absorption

      Breathing and Exchange of Gases

      Body Fluids and Circulation

      Excretory Products and their Elimination

      Locomotion and Movement

      Neural Control and Coordination

      Chemical Coordination and Integration

      Reproduction in Organisms

      Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

      Human Reproduction

      Reproductive Health

      Principles of Inheritance and Variation

      Molecular Basis of Inheritance


      Human Health and Disease

      Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

      Microbes in Human Welfare

      Biotechnology : Principles and Processes

      Biotechnology and its Applications

      • Biotechnology - Principles and processes
      • Biotechnology and its Applications

      Organisms and Populations


      Biodiversity and Conservation

      Environmental Issues

  • Chemistry  |  View Syllabus

    • Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry

      • Chemical Equation
      • Stoichiometry

      States of Matter

      • Gaseous State
      • Ionic Equation
      • Solid State

      Atomic Structure

      • Atomic Structure

      Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

      • Chemical Bonding

      Chemical Thermodynamics

      • Thermodynamics
      • Thermo Chemistry

      Solid State


      • Liquid Solution


      Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry

      • Electrochemistry
      • Redox Reaction

      Chemical Kinetics

      • Chemical Kinetics

      Surface Chemistry

      • Surface Chemistry

      Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

      • D Block
      • Periodic Properties
      • P Block

      General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals

      • Metallurgy


      s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)

      • Block chemistry

      p-Block Elements

      d - and f - Block Elements

      Co-ordination Compounds

      • Isomerism
      • Coordination Compound

      Environmental Chemistry

      Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds

      Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry

      • IUPAC
      • General Organic Chemistry


      • Polymer
      • Hydrocarbons
      • Carbene
      • Aromatic Compounds
      • Acid Derivatives

      Organic Compounds Containing Halogens

      • Halide

      Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen

      • Alcohol
      • Carboxylic Compounds
      • Phenol

      Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

      • Amine



      • Biomolecule

      Chemistry in Everyday Life

      Principles Related to Practical Chemistry

      • Salt Analysis
      • Carbonyl Compound
  • Physics  |  View Syllabus

    • Physics and Measurement

      • Units and Dimension
      • Error Analysis


      • Vector
      • Kinematics
      • Circular Motion

      Laws of Motion

      • Newtons Laws of Motion

      Work, Energy and Power

      • Work Energy and Power

      Rotational Motion

      • Rotational Motion


      • Gravitation

      Properties of Solids and Liquids

      • Elasticity
      • fluid
      • Heat
      • Thermal Expansion
      • Surface Tension


      • Thermodynamics

      Kinetic Theory of Gases

      Oscillations and Waves

      • Wave
      • Sound Wave
      • Simple Harmonic Motion


      • Electrostatics
      • Capacitance

      Current Electricity

      • Electric Current

      Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

      • Magnetism
      • Electromagnets

      Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

      • AC

      Electromagnetic Waves


      • Wave Optics
      • Geometrical Optics

      Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

      • Modern Physics

      Atoms and Nuclei

      Electronic Devices

      • EMI
      • Semi Conductor

      Communication Systems

      • Communication Systems