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NEET Biology The Living World

The Living World PDF Notes, Important Questions and Synopsis



  • Characteristics of living beings:
    Growth → Reproduction → Metabolism → Cellular Organisation → Consciousness → Interactions

  • In binomial nomenclature, each name has two components, a generic name and a specific epithet.
    Example: Mangifera indica (Genus: Mangifera, Species: indica) 

  • Taxonomic categories showing hierarchical arrangement in the ascending order:
    Species → Genus → Family → Order → Class → Phylum/Division → Kingdom

  • Certain procedures and techniques are practised in order to store or preserve this information. These procedures are called taxonomical aids.

  • Herbarium is a storehouse of collected plant specimens which are dried, pressed and preserved on sheets.

  • Botanical gardens are specialised gardens which have collections of living plants for reference.
  • Museums have collections of preserved plant and animal specimens for study and reference.

  • Zoological parks are places where wild animals are kept in protected environments under human care and which enable us to learn about their food habits and behavior. 

  • Key is the aid used for the identification of plants and animals based on their similarities and dissimilarities.