ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Videos

History & Civics is one of the most crucial subjects in Social Studies of ICSE Class 10, as it highlights various topics such as the First War of Independence, Partition of Bengal, United Nations, the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers. TopperLearning provides study materials for ICSE Class 10 History & Civics which enables students to score well in the examination. All the study materials for History and Civics are designed by subject matter experts.

Our study materials are based on the latest ICSE syllabus and are written in a lucid and easy language, so anybody can understand the concepts of a particular topic. Besides assisting in doing homework, our study materials help improve the memory of students and develop regular study habits. By referring to our comprehensive set of study materials, you can prepare well for the examination. We also provide the ‘Ask the Expert’ package in which a dedicated academic expert clears all your doubts any time.

You can even score more marks in the ICSE Class 10History and Civics exam by thoroughly practising with our revision notes and going through our exhaustive bank of sure shot questions, and assess your preparation with multiple choice questions, true or false and subjective questions. Our sample question papers are available free of cost.

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