ICSE Class 10 Questions and Answers

ICSE Class 10 is an important stage where students need to concentrate on all the subjects as it is considered to be the groundwork of higher classes. To become clear with your aspiration and knowledge, you need to begin your preparation from this level. At TopperLearning, we aim to prepare Class 10 ICSE students with a complete study material so that the students can score better in the school exam. Get ready for Class 10 ICSE with the accurate study material prepared by our academic experts. The course content is prepared for all the subjects; Mathematics, Economics, Economics Applications, Hindi, English, GK, Science and Social Studies.

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ICSE X - Chemistry

please tell the IUPAC names

Asked by Kanwaranita10 | 16th Feb, 2020, 09:23: AM

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ICSE X - Geography

explain maps

Asked by sr066884 | 15th Feb, 2020, 09:23: PM

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ICSE X - History and Civics

WHY is the judiciay kept independent of the control of the executive and the legislature?(3)

Asked by chaitra_ganesh | 15th Feb, 2020, 04:49: PM

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ICSE X - Mathematics

In the given figure,PQ || RS || TU,PQ=5cm,TU=7.5cm,RU=a and RS=b T.P:incrementUTR ~incrementPQR and then solve for a and b

Asked by hrmeenal24 | 14th Feb, 2020, 06:50: AM

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ICSE X - Grammar

In spite of the bad weather, a huge crowd came to see the match. (BEGIN: The bad weather...

Asked by rahuketu777kumar | 14th Feb, 2020, 12:23: AM

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Sir/Madam I  am not finding any test questions for grammar & Composition. Thankyou

Asked by kryngnga | 12th Feb, 2020, 10:25: PM

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