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FRANK Solutions for Class 9 Biology ICSE

TopperLearning’s Frank solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology can help you study and score well in your examination. In Class 9, Biology has more than 20 chapters and covering this vast syllabus can prove to be a difficult task when studying in one go. That’s why, you require effective textbook solutions that are arranged chapter-wise.

Frank Textbook Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology serve as the perfect guide for solving difficult questions in the syllabus. The solutions are designed by subject matter experts and are an invaluable aid while doing your homework and preparing for your examination. Now, focus on scoring higher marks with 24x7 access to these chapter-wise reference solutions that provide conceptual clarity.

FRANK Textbook Solutions

Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology Chapters

Chapter 1 - An Introduction

Learn the basics of Biology with our solutions for Chapter 1. The chapter primarily deals with the advantages of studying Biology. In this chapter, you will understand the various branches and the newly-developed areas of the subject.

Chapter 2 - Being Alive – What is its Meaning?

In Chapter 2, learn to differentiate between anabolic and catabolic process. Study concepts like egestion, locomotion, reproduction, feeding  and more with the help of our textbook solutions. You will get a better understanding of the concept about living and non-living things with relevant examples. TopperLearning’s Frank solutions will also be extremely useful for last-minute chapter revision during your exams.

Chapter 3 - The Cell – A Unit of Life

Discover the world of cells by learning about eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Gain an understanding about cell theory, and learn the difference between cell membrane and cell wall. Also, revise the structure and functions of chromosomes with our Frank solutions created by Biology experts.

Chapter 4 - Tissues

What is a permanent tissue? What are the components of a phloem? Understand concepts such as these using our Frank solutions. Our expert solutions will help you skim through more concepts such as meristematic tissue, parenchyma, organelle, ligament, lymph and more. This will not only revise before examinations, but also help you gain a better understanding of concepts and score more marks.

Chapter 5 - Vegetative Propagation

In Chapter 5, learn the various artificial techniques of vegetative propagation such as layering and cutting, grafting and budding. Understand why plant hybridisation is important from a commercial standpoint. Also, get reference answers to revise the topic of micropropagation.

Chapter 6 - Biotechnology Applications

In this Biology chapter, learn about the use of microbes in the preparation of food items. Revise the purpose of biofertilizers with the Frank textbook solutions designed by our experts. Understand the contribution of biotechnology to the field of medicine through vaccines, diagnostic kits and more.

Chapter 7 - Flowers

The reference answers – created by Biology experts – in TopperLearning’s ICSE Class 9 Frank Solutions for Biology help you understand how various parts of flowers grow. . Revise about different types of flowers such as epigynous flower, hypogynous flower and perigynous flower. Also, learn to differentiate between disc florets and ray florets.

Chapter 8 - Pollination and Fertilization

Revise about pollination and the types of pollination with our chapter solutions. Learn the difference between self-pollination and cross-pollination. Practise our Frank Biology textbook solutions to understand the adaptations in pollinated plants. Also, learn about the pollination process in salvia.

Chapter 9 - Seeds: Structure and Germination

What is the meaning of hypogeal germination? How would you explain the function of cotyledons? TopperLearning’s Chapter 9 Biology textbook solutions will not just give you the reference answers to these questions, but also serve as a quick revision guide during examinations. Also, learn about the details of the three beans experiment and its significance.

Chapter 10 - Respiration in Plants

How is respiration in plants different from photosynthesis? Understand the difference with TopperLearning’s ICSE Class 9 textbook solutions. In Chapter 10, learn important concepts like aerobic respiration, combustion, glycolysis, photosynthesis and more to understand respiration in plants. Also, revise the significance of Krebs cycle in the study of respiration in plants.

Chapter 11 - Understanding EcoSystems

You have learnt about abiotic and biotic factors to understand the characteristics of forests. Now, practise these answers and more with the help of our Frank solutions. Other important topics you can learn in this chapter include forest biome, aquatic ecosystem, tropical rainforests  and more.

Chapter 12 - Interaction Between Biotic and Abiotic Factors in an Ecosystem

In Chapter 12, learn about biotic factors, abiotic factors, food chain, food web and more. Read our Frank solutions to get answers on topics such as the energy pyramid, atmospheric gases and more. Understand the topic of ecosystem better with the aid of questions and answers prepared by our Biology experts.

Chapter 13 - Diversity of Life and Classification

Read about the classification of living organisms in the ICSE Class 9 Biology Frank textbook solutions for this chapter. Explore the classes of chordates with the examples and explanations prepared by experienced Biology experts. Also, revise about the phyla of animals such as scorpion, leech, and hydra.

Chapter 14 - Bacteria and Fungi: Their Importance

Study Chapter 14 topics such as gram-negative bacteria, saprophytic bacteriaand more with TopperLearning’s textbook solutions. Learn to explain the shape of a bacteria or the structure of rhizopus. The chapter solutions will also help you understand the importance of fungi as a food source and in medical sciences.

Chapter 15 - Nutrition in Man

Understand the role of nutrients in the life of human beings by studying the topics covered in this chapter. Read answers on sources of carbohydrates, vitamins, and other important nutrients. Also, explore our Frank solutions to revise terms such as scavenger, carnivore, herbivore and more.

Chapter 16 - Digestive System

Understand how food gets digested in a human body with the help of model solutions for Frank Biology textbook questions created by experts at TopperLearning. Learn in-depth about how the pancreatic juice enables the digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, revise about the digestion of starch in the human body.

Chapter 17 - The Skeletal System

Read about the different types of bones in the human body with the aid of TopperLearning’s Frank solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology. Find the answers related to skeleton-related questions like - which is the longest bone or which is the smallest one and many more – in our chapter solutions created by Biology experts. The chapter also helps you revise about the different parts of the vertebral column.

Chapter 18 - Structure and Function of Skin

Grasp the various functions of the layers of skin present on the human body with the assistance of our textbook solutions. Read about soles, keratin, epidermis, melanin and other skin-related terms in this chapter. Also, practise the MCQs based on the structure of the skin to brush up chapter concepts for your Biology exam.

Chapter 19 - Respiratory System

Revise the definitions of Eupnea, Apnea, Sneeze Reflex and more using our textbook solutions for Chapter 19. Learn about the concept of Respiratory Quotient. Also, revise the chapter solutions to learn the functions of epiglottis, cartilaginous rings, alveoli, larynx and more.

Chapter 20 - Health: Causes of Diseases

This chapter in ICSE Class 9 Biology syllabus will increase your understanding about the different types of diseases, their causative agents, their prevention and treatment. It will increase your understanding about the causes of different types of diseases. Our Frank solutions will help you learn this chapter with information about communicable diseases, epidemic diseases, pathogens, pandemic diseases and more.

Chapter 21 – Health: Personal and Social

With the help of textbook solutions for Chapter 21, learn about health issues caused due to lack of hygiene. Also, learn to write about the causes of cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and other diseases. Revise about the critical concern regarding contamination of water.

Chapter 22 - Sources of Waste

In this biology chapter, explore and learn about examples of domestic wastes and commercial wastes. The textbook solutions for this chapter helps to understand how a sewage system works. In addition, learn about the impact of sewage on the environment with the help of our chapter solutions.

Chapter 23 – Safe Disposal of Wastes

Study about the benefits of composting and the eco-friendly ways to dispose waste materials. Learn about the steps to treat sewage water, and the importance of segregation. With our Frank textbook solutions, you can gain knowledge about the various methods to dispose liquid wastes and kitchen wastes.

Why Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology are important?

ICSE Class 9 Biology syllabus is vast and covers important topics such as respiration, health, nutrition, biotechnology and more. Frank textbook is one of the best Biology revision books used by ICSE students. TopperLearning provides Frank solutions to give you the additional confidence during revision as the answers are prepared by our subject experts.

With the ICSE class 9 Biology textbook solutions, you will be able to quickly explore the important questions from each chapter. Our solutions can be accessed 24x7 online on our eLearning portal as per your convenience . Our experts have also included correctly-labelled diagrams in the chapter solutions to boost your chances of scoring maximum marks by successfully answering all types of questions in your exam.

Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology FAQs

1.      Where can I read about the difference between Exalbuminous seed and Albuminous seed?

Answers on Exalbuminous seed and Albuminous seed are present in Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology Chapter 9 Seeds: Structure and Germination.
2.      I am looking for answers on the human salivary gland. Can you help?

Answers on the human salivary gland can be found in Chapter 26 Digestive System.
3.      Which Biology chapter covers the topic of forest biome?

Chapter 11 Understanding Ecosystems covers the topic of forest biome.

ICSE Class 9 Biology Frequently Asked Questions

Answers on Exalbuminous seed and Albuminous seed are present in Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology Chapter 9 Seeds: Structure and Germination.

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