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FRANK Solutions for Class 9 Maths ICSE

Your ICSE Class 9 Mathematics syllabus is the lengthiest  with 28 chapters.  The problems from these chapters require meticulous preparation for you to be exam-ready. TopperLearning’s Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics act as a step-by-step guide because it is an invaluable aid for students. It helps you finish homework and prepare for your examination. A lot of Maths concepts such as Basic Proportionality Theorem, Compound Interest and more become easier to understand when you have accurate reference answers. Our free of cost solutions cover all the concepts in detail.

Now, always be one step ahead in your academic life with Frank Solutions. Our chapter-wise textbook solutions will not only allow you to revise the syllabus at a flexible pace , but also steer you in the direction of getting a good score in your examination.

FRANK Textbook Solutions

Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapters

Chapter 1 – Irrational Numbers

Learn how to identify fractions having terminating decimals. Understand how to present a decimal as a rational number. Practise math problems to understand  how to insert a rational or irrational number between two or three given numbers. Learn to identify the greatest and the smallest rational numbers in a given problem. 

Chapter 2 – Profit, Loss and Discount

Ever wonder how to apply math concepts in real life? Learn to find the cost price, selling price, profit, loss, and discount based on the given data. Our textbook solutions help you revise different Maths problems aligned to concepts that can be applied in real life. . With enough practice, these textbook solutions will get you acquainted with Maths concepts in real-life.

 Chapter 3 – Compound Interest

In this chapter, quickly revise the steps and the formula used to calculate compound interest. Learn how to work out the amount payable annually or semi-annually on the principal amount and compound interest as per the available data.

Chapter 4 – Expansions

Learn to expand the given Maths expressions with our Frank solutions for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics. Understand expansions with the help of our step-wise answers by our experts. To solve similar problems, you can check TopperLearning’s solved sample question papers and previous years’ question papers with solutions.

Chapter 5 – Factorisation

With our ICSE Class 9 Maths textbook solutions, you can learn to solve factorisation-based problems. Understand how to factorise expressions by learning the method of grouping the terms. Also, revise how to split the middle term for factorising the given expression.

Chapter 6 – Changing the Subject of a Formula

Learn how to create a mathematical formula by making a perfect equation using the given data. Go through the different math problems from this chapter to figure out how to work with formulae. As you revise the concepts , you can refer to our textbook solutions for support.

Chapter 7 – Linear Equations

Do you feel intimidated by linear equations? Check out our textbook solutions for this chapter to understand how experts solve different types of linear equations .The expert solutions will come in handy while you try to solve simple real-life problems using linear equations.

Chapter 8 – Simultaneous Linear Equations

Learn the steps for simultaneous equations using the substitution method with the support of TopperLearning’s Frank solutions. Revise solving a given pair of equation correctly by familiarising yourself with the steps used by our experts. Also, revise the chapter-based solutions to understand how to represent linear equations graphically.

Chapter 9 – Indices

Learn to express numbers using the laws of indices by practising reliable textbook solutions by TopperLearning’s experts. To grasp the problem-solving methods, practise the expert solutions as many times as needed. For more practice, browse through our Selina solutions.

Chapter 10 – Logarithms

Master the application of laws of logarithm with reference answers in our textbook solutions. Understand how to present the given data in logarithmic form. The chapter solutions will also help you understand the difference between logarithmic form and exponential form.

Chapter 11 – Triangles and their Congruency

How to find the angles of a triangle using the Angle sum property of a triangle? How to use exterior angle property to prove that the same of given angles is 360 degree? Get answers for these ICSE Class 9 Maths textbook questions with our Frank solutions.

Chapter 12 – Isosceles Triangle

Understand concepts such as ASA Congruence Criterion, Exterior Angle Property and more by solving problems related to this topic. Revise the Angle Sum Property to calculate the angle of a given isosceles triangle. By revising the chapter solutions, you can review the various properties of triangles.

Chapter 13 – Inequalities in Triangles

So, how can you calculate the smallest side of a triangle using the data about its angles? Find out with Frank solutions available online on TopperLearning. Also, understand how to write proofs related to the perimeter of a triangle based on the given data.

Chapter 14 – Constructions of Triangles

How to draw an isosceles triangle? What steps will you follow to draw a right-angled triangle? You can find out how and more in the textbook solutions. With this chapter, you can practise construction of triangles using the properties of triangles and study proofs for solving textbook questions.

Chapter 15 – Mid-point and Intercept Theorems

Understand how to use the Mid-point theorem to explain the properties of mid-points of a given triangle. Revise the textbook solutions to prove that a rectangle can be formed if midpoints of a given quadrilateral are joined. Also, learn logical ways to write proofs through TopperLearning’s textbook questions for this chapter.

 Chapter 16 – Similarity

Learn how to apply the Basic Proportionality Theorem to prove the parallel sides of a triangle. In addition, revise the application of the Pythagoras Theorem by practising the Frank solutions for ICSE Class 9 Maths. The chapter solutions will also guide you in solving problems where the AA Criterion for similarity is involved.

Chapter 17 – Pythagoras Theorem

Study the application of the popular Pythagoras Theorem in Mathematics with TopperLearning’s ICSE Class 9 textbook solutions. Do you need help to calculate the area of a triangle or find the length of one of its sides using the available data? TopperLearning’s solutions by experts for this chapter can help you.

Chapter 18 – Rectilinear Figures

How to find the sum of interior angles of a nine-sided polygon? How to find the measure of the interior of a quadrilateral? Our experts will help you in finding the answers for these questions with TopperLearning’s Frank textbook solutions.

Chapter 19 – Quadrilaterals

Do you remember that the opposite angles of a parallelogram are of equal measure? You can revise and refresh your knowledge of this and other important concepts from this chapter with our textbook solutions. Also, review problems based on quadrilaterals such as rhombus, parallelogram and rectangle.

Chapter 20 – Constructions of Quadrilaterals

Practise constructing a rhombus, parallelogram and a trapezium accurately with Frank textbook solutions available on TopperLearning. Understand how diagonals bisect each other in a rhombus or a square. With clear guidance given by our subject experts, you can master construction of quadrilaterals easily.

Chapter 21 – Areas Theorems on Parallelograms

There are several theorems to solve Maths questions based on parallelograms. Learn to apply these area theorems by practising textbook solutions shared by subject experts at TopperLearning. Now, completing your Maths homework and scoring marks in your Mathematics exam is easy with our textbook solutions.

Chapter 22 – Statistics

Understand how to collect and represent data in tabular form using tally-marks. Go through Statistics concepts such as variate, primary data, cumulative frequency and more with our Frank solutions. Also, learn to draw a frequency distribution table accurately by solving related problems using the textbook solutions.

Chapter 23 – Graphical Representation of Statistical Data

How to construct a bar graph using the available tabular data ? What is a double bar graph? Learn to represent statistical data in the graphical format by using Frank textbook solutions for reference. Also, learn how to construct a histogram and a frequency polygon in this chapter.

Chapter 24 – Perimeter and Area

In this chapter, you can find online solutions to calculate the area of a triangle and the semi-perimeter of a triangle. Understand how to find the area of a trapezium or calculate the cost of a rectangular plot based on its area. Also, practise computing the area of a parallelogram using our model answers for the Frank textbook.

Chapter 25 – Surface Areas and Volume of Solids

Revise the concept of surface area and volume of solids such as a cylinder or a cube with our Frank textbook solutions. Understand the basic calculations and learn to apply the concepts covered in this chapter for performing real-world tasks. For instance, learn to compute the cost of wood for making a box.

Chapter 26 – Trigonometrical Ratios

Solve trigonometry questions confidently by revising the topic with our step-wise Frank textbook solutions. Learn to find the values of sine, cosine, and tangent of an angle and more with our reference answers. In the answers provided by TopperLearning experts, what you will learn is how to solve problems and provide proofs for questions based on trigonometric ratios.

Chapter 27 – Trigonometrical Ratios of Standard Angles

Use our Frank solutions for ICSE Class 9 Maths to your advantage for revision and learn to evaluate trigonometric ratios without using tables. These solutions are perfect for self-study. You can use them to revisit simple problems on right-angle triangle or to practise proof-based Maths problems.

Chapter 28 – Coordinate Geometry

Are you ready to confidently plot a graph and find the required coordinates in your Maths exam? Develop your understanding by practising the textbook questions with our Frank solutions. Run through the concept of the Cartesian system in this chapter. Also, learn to plot points to identify the figure created using the points.

Why study from TopperLearning’s Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics?

Maths is a challenging subject, no doubt. You may love the subject or dread the thought of solving problems. Whatever the case, TopperLearning’s ICSE Class 9 Mathematics textbook solutions such as Frank solutions will always be there for you. From constructing quadrilaterals to solving liner equations, our experts guide you with elaborate answers for textbook questions.

Our expert solutions can be used during self-study to compare your attempted answers with answers given by experienced teachers. You can also use the Maths solutions to swiftly run past important questions and answers from the syllabus. In addition, the conceptual knowledge that you will acquire from Frank solutions will be beneficial when you participate in inter-school Mathematics competitions.

ICSE Class 9 Maths Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers on plotting graph of an equation in Chapter 28.

Check the textbook solutions for Chapter 10 Logarithms for reference answers on solving logarithm question without the help of logarithmic tables.

Simple interest problems can be found in ICSE Class 9 Maths Chapter 3 Compound Interest.

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