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Class 9 FRANK Solutions Maths Chapter 14 - Constructions of Triangles

How to draw a triangle when you have information about its sides? Find out with Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 14 Constructions of triangles on TopperLearning. Learn to easily visualise the construction of a right-angle triangle or an isosceles triangle  using our reference answers. Also, revise how to measure the side of a triangle with a suitable construction.

Score more in your exam by learning the best methods to construct triangles. With our Frank textbook solutions for ICSE Class 9 Maths, you will get the support to understand how to draw triangles as per given data.

Constructions of Triangles Exercise Ex. 14.1

Solution 4(a)



Solution 4(b)


Solution 4(c)



Solution 5(a)



Solution 5(b)



Solution 5(c)


Solution 6(a)



Solution 6(b)



Solution 6(c)



Solution 8



Solution 14




Solution 1

Solution 2

Solution 3

Solution 7

Solution 9

Solution 10

Solution 11

Solution 12

Solution 13

Solution 15

Solution 16

Solution 17

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