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Class 9 FRANK Solutions Maths Chapter 9 - Indices

Boost your logical thinking skills for scoring top marks by learning from our Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 9 Indices. Practise problems based on the laws of indices. The solutions for the chapter-based questions from the Frank textbook are created by our subject experts, and can be easily accessed on our online portal any time.

Frank textbook solutions for ICSE Class 9 Maths at TopperLearning is a great learning resources if you require constant learning support with the subject. In addition to chapter solutions, our Selina solutions, concept videos and more can help you address your problems and prepare you for exams.

Indices Exercise Ex. 9.1

Solution 9(b)


Solution 9(c)


Solution 2(a)

Solution 2(b)

Solution 2(c)

Solution 3(a)

Solution 3(b)

Solution 3(c)

Solution 3(d)

Solution 3(e)

Solution 5(a)

Solution 5(b)

Solution 7(a)

Solution 7(b)

Solution 7(c)

Solution 7(d)

Solution 7(e)

Solution 7(f)

Solution 7(g)

Solution 7(h)

Solution 7(i)

Solution 7(j)

Solution 9(a)

Solution 9(d)

Solution 9(e)


Solution 9(f)

Solution 9(g)


Solution 9(h)

Solution 9(i)

Solution 9(j)

Solution 9(k)


Solution 9(l)

Solution 9(m)

Solution 9(n)

Solution 9(o)

Solution 15

Solution 16

Solution 17

Solution 19

Solution 22(a)

Solution 22(b)

Solution 23(a)

Solution 23(b)

Solution 23(c)

Solution 23(d)

Solution 23(e)

Solution 23(f)

Solution 1

Solution 4

Solution 6

Solution 8

Solution 10

Solution 11

Solution 12

Solution 13

Solution 14

Solution 18

Solution 20

Solution 21

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