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Textbook Solutions for Class 9 ICSE

ICSE Class 9 is one of the most vital sections among all the classes in school. Students need to understand all the topics of class9 because it builds the foundation for higher studies. ICSE Class 9 is also crucial because to excel in competitive exams, students need to start preparing from this class only.

ICSE is considered one of the toughest boards of India. Most of the students find it difficult to understand the concepts that are introduced in class 9. To simplify the learning process, TopperLearning provides textbook solutions for all subjects. Through these solutions students of class 9 get to learn and understand the topics of different subjects. We provide solutions for subjects like - science, mathematics, Hindi, social science, economics, economics application and English. By learning the questions from solved samples, students can easily get good marks in exams. We provide solutions from the best publications to ensure better learning of every subject.

For technical subjects which include mathematics and science, students can refer to the following solutions:

     ICSE Class 9 Frank Solutions - For solutions to mathematics and science questions, students of class 9 can refer to Frank Solutions. It covers every topic by providing elaborate explanations and solutions to all the questions of class 9.

     ICSE Class 9 Selina Solutions - To answer every question it is very important to understand the topics well. Selina Solutions not only provides solutions but also explains the topics very well so that students can get maximum benefits from it.

Hindi holds more importance than just being a subject matter. It is our national language and its spoken widely in different parts of our country. We provide study material for class 9 which improves the learning of students. For getting a better command of the Hindi language, students can refer to solutions provided by the following publication:

     ICSE Class 9 Evergreen Publication Solutions - It covers every chapter of the Class 9 syllabus. Students can understand the chapters by learning the answers provided by the Evergreen Publication Solutions.

     ICSE Class 9 Sushma Agarwal Solutions - Solutions provided by Sushma Agarwal for class 9 are very helpful for students preparing for class 9 exams. Students can easily cover school topics by referring to its solution samples.

English is a language that is practised globally. Mastering this language is important not only for academic purposes but also for communicating well. To get a better understanding of the class 9 syllabus, students can refer to ICSE Class 9 Inter-University Press Solution provided by us. All the questions and chapters of the class 9 syllabus are compiled efficiently by the Inter-University Press Solution on our website.

We understand that many students hesitate in asking their doubts to teachers. So to solve this problem Topper Learning has designed a student-friendly website that aims at clarifying every doubt of students in a friendly and fun way. With our excellent ICSE class 9 Plans students get the following benefits:

  • Students can learn at their convenient and comfortable place. They don't need to dress up and reach a particular place. It largely saves their time and energy.
  • All the essential study materials are 1 click away. Students get everything they need on our website.
  • Students can get their doubts cleared by our experts 24/7.
  • Students don’t need to spend their precious time searching for tutors and institutes. Instead, they can utilise this time by studying.
  • We provide notes which are crucial for quick revision of all the topics before exams.
  • With our ICSE Class 9 Plan, we focus on clarifying doubt of every subject so that students have strong basic knowledge.

Frank Textbook Solutions

Selina Textbook Solutions

Sushma Agarwal Textbook Solutions

Inter University Press Textbook Solutions

Evergreen Publication Textbook Solutions

ICSE Class 9 Frequently Asked Questions

TopperLearning’s Solutions for ICSE Class 9 are a great mean to quickly refer and get the solutions to questions asked in the Exercises provided under each of the textbook chapters.ICSE Class 9 Solutions are considered extremely helpful while preparing for your ICSE Class 9 exams. Topperlearning study resources infuse profound knowledge, and our Textbook Solutions compiled by our subject experts are no different. All our solutions for ICSE Class 9 are prepared considering the latest ICSE syllabus, and they are amended from time to time. While accessing Solutions, you can view all the solutions to these Exercise questions online and can navigate between the various Science subject chapters of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
Most students consider a subject as easy or difficult depending on how they perceive it. If your concepts are clear and you can remember the required formulae, you’re good to go. However, it is necessary for you to answer the questions in exams clearly, correctly and precisely considering the marking scheme of examinations. With the help of Solutions for ICSE Class 9, you get chapter-wise Solutions of each and every exercise. Thus, it helps you solve and practise the questions at your convenience and with ease. Solutions for ICSE Class 9 helps you write your answers in the best possible manner with its Stepwise solutions. The experts have used diagrams wherever required to support the answers leaving no stone unturned so as to score good marks and acquire knowledge. They have guided you with every kind of question, preparing you fully for the final examination. Solutions can be viewed online and one can easily navigate between various Subjects like Maths, Science, Social Studies, Hindi and English.
The textbooks are the prescribed learning material for exam preparations for students studying in any grades. During exams, you have to write complete answers to the questions, and some questions are directly from the textbook. TopperLearning’s Solutions help you boost up your learning level and score good marks in exams. Thus, for scoring high marks in your class, you need Solutions as a revision tool. Solutions are considered extremely helpful while preparing for your exams. Topperlearning study resources infuse profound knowledge and our Solutions compiled by experienced subject experts altogether makes it a one-stop destination for students to access these resources. All our solutions are prepared considering the latest ICSE syllabus, and they are amended from time to time. While accessing Solutions you can view all the solutions to these Exercise questions online and can navigate between the various Science subject chapters of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
Solutions for Class 9 ICSE will aid you with all the answers to questions from your textbooks and help you understand Science better. Even though Topperlearning provides you with all the important notes and resources we recommend you to start practising preparing self-notes as per the concepts you learn and revise. Making self-notes on topics you have learnt or revised recently helps a lot by boosting up your retention capabilities and helps improve your written communication skills. Revise Class 9 ICSE concepts by reading the answers prepared by expert teachers for questions from the latest Solutions. With our ICSE Class 9 Solutions, you can study all the chapters in detail. While going through ICSE Class 9 Solutions, you will come across practical applications of many Science-based concepts. The diagrams in the answers further support you to grasp concepts. Our Solutions will not only help you to understand those concepts but will also help you to apply them in real life. To make it easier for you to study, we cover chapter-wise solutions with step-wise answers for the questions present in the recent textbooks.