a uniform electric field of 10 n/c exist in vertically downward directin. find the increase in the electric potential as one goes up through a height of 50 cm.

Asked by Rohan Kumar | 3rd Jun, 2013, 11:26: AM

Expert Answer:

Change in electric potential = -E.ds where E is the uniform electric field and ds is the distance moved
Considering the upwards direction as +ve, hence E = -10N/C and ds = 50*10^-2 m 
Change in the electric potential = -(-10)*50*10^-2 = 5 V
Increase in potential as one goes 50cm upwards in a uniform electric field of 10N/c in downward direction is 5V. 

Answered by  | 4th Jun, 2013, 06:57: AM

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