CBSE Class 12-science Questions and Answers

Adequate preparation for Class 12 Science subjects also gives you an edge if you want to pursue engineering or medicine-related courses in reputed colleges in India. The reason is, your Class 12 Science syllabus topics are part of the syllabus of competitive exams like JEE or NEET. You can find all the necessary resources for your Class 12 exam preparation along with JEE and NEET prep e-learning materials on TopperLearning.

Now, you can quickly revise Class 12 topics with our complete textbook solutions for NCERT CBSE Class 12 Science. Our Class 12 textbook solutions cover subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Hindi. For extra practise, our textbook solutions also consist of free RD Sharma solutions for Class 12 Mathematics. Study thoroughly by using our model answers that are created by subject experts, as per your latest Class 12 Science syllabus and exam guidelines.

Browse through our CBSE Class 12 Science resources and add these resources to your study plan as required. Practise questions from CBSE Class 12 Science Mathematics a little more or revise the most important questions in Physics multiple times. And if you come across difficulties, ask your questions through our ‘Undoubt’ section to get the necessary answers. This way, preparing for your exam with some of the best Class 12 study materials right here on TopperLearning can support you in achieving the desired score in your board exam.

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CBSE XII Science - Mathematics


Asked by 100hariharan | 6th Apr, 2021, 01:42: PM

CBSE XII Science - Mathematics


Asked by yadavparth243 | 5th Apr, 2021, 02:19: AM

CBSE XII Science - Mathematics

Integration of sinx sin2x (sin^6 x+sin^4 x+sin^2 x)(2sin^4 x+3sin^2 x+6)^1/2

Asked by Singhbhawana117 | 27th Mar, 2021, 11:21: PM

CBSE XII Science - Mathematics

Ans ?

Asked by haquejahidul233 | 19th Mar, 2021, 01:14: AM

CBSE XII Science - Mathematics

2x-3y+5z=11 ​​​​​5x+2y-7z=-12 -4x+3y+z=5 solve this equation by Matrix method ​​​​​​​

Asked by abhishek.channan227228 | 17th Mar, 2021, 12:44: PM

CBSE XII Science - Mathematics

integrate with substitution method

Asked by gov622488 | 17th Mar, 2021, 07:59: AM

CBSE XII Science - Physics


Asked by sandeep17garikapati | 22nd Feb, 2021, 03:17: PM