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Mathematical Induction

Mathematical Induction PDF Notes, Important Questions and Synopsis


  • The key basis for mathematical thinking is deductive reasoning.

  • Deduction: When we have to prove a statement, often called a conjecture or a theorem in mathematics, valid deductive steps are derived and a proof may or may not be established, i.e. deduction is the application of a general case to a particular case.

  • Inductive reasoning depends on working with each case and developing a conjecture by observing incidences till we have observed each and every case.

  • Induction means generalisation from particular cases or facts.

  • The principle of mathematical induction is one such tool which can be used to prove a wide variety of mathematical statements.

  • Each such statement is assumed as P(n) associated with a positive integer n, for which the correctness for the case n = 1 is examined. Assuming the truth of P(k) for some positive integer k, the truth of P(k + 1) is established.
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