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Crack JEE with 5 Quarantine Time Management Tips and Score More

In 2021, the second session of JEE Main was supposed to be held in the month of April. The corona outbreak arrived as an unexpected event and has affected the functioning of the education sector in India. Not just JEE, many other exams in India have now been postponed to a later date. While this news can be frustrating, it still comes with the opportunity to use the extra quarantine time to revise some more for JEE Main 2021.


We bring to you the top five tips to crack JEE Main and score more by smartly using your quarantine time.

  1. Find your learning space

    Earlier, you studied at home wherever you felt like. Now, everyone is home because of the lockdown and maybe your usual space is being used by someone else. So, find a spot for yourself to study with minimum disturbance. Also, you may need a quiet space if you plan to take timed JEE mock tests using sample papers or previous years’ question papers. You can request other family members not to disturb you during your study hours.

  2. Attending JEE lectures

    Many institutes have started organising online sessions for students. If you are on study leave for JEE preparation, you may not have any classroom lectures anyway. For revision, you can watch recorded online webinars. These video lessons can be comfortably viewed on laptops, smartphones and tablets. You can just put on your headphones and listen to your lectures wherever you can find a nice place to study in your house. You can also watch concept and application based video lessons for revision.

  3. Interactions with experts

    You may be missing interacting with teachers or other students for exam-related discussions. One of the ways to interact and benefit from much discussions would be to attend JEE webinars by experts. In some of the webinars, you can listen to JEE toppers who join in to share their strategies to score high marks. In other webinars, subject experts may solve JEE syllabus-related queries of IIT-JEE aspirants. Online student forums such as the ‘UnDoubt’ section at TopperLearning are also available 24/7 for resolving doubts.

  4. Managing studies during the lockdown

    During the lockdown, you may have to lend a hand for managing the household chores that you didn’t do otherwise. You may not have expected such a situation. Instead of relaxing after the exams in April, you are now presented with a situation wherein you have to wait some more for the exams to get over. The quarantine life can be frustrating. However, on the brighter side, you have more time for revision if you wisely tweak your previous JEE Main study plan. Now, you will be aware of your new tasks at home. So, include those tasks in your revised study schedule and keep yourself away from stress with fun activities that can be experienced indoors.

  5. Managing the quarantine blues

    In the current lockdown situation, you are stuck at home. You may feel low at times because you cannot step out. Earlier, during your study breaks, you might have played some sport or perhaps even took some time out to hang out with friends. Now, there are a lot of restrictions, and these restrictions may affect you if you have been an outdoor person.

For your JEE preparation, you cannot step out into the garden or coffee shop to study. So, to de-stress during study breaks, have a video group call with your friends. Play some indoor games with your family. Listen to your favourite music or watch an online series of your choice. Make sure to manage your quarantine time with self-discipline so that you do not get carried away into binge-watching shows online.

Finally, with extra time for JEE preparation, the lockdown comes as a boon for aspirants. The tips in this post should help you with making the most of your quarantine time. Also, you can prepare for JEE Main 2021 or for future exams in the quarantine time with the numerous resources available online.

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Stay indoors, stay alert!

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