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JEE Main Preparation 2021- 4 ways to deal with doubts

Are you among those students who will try to find their way around problems instead of seeking help if you have a doubt? Well, it’s great if you can solve problems on your own. However, don’t you think you will save time if you clear your doubts if you ask the experts immediately? The sooner you begin asking questions, the sooner you will be ready to excel as a confident and inquisitive person when it comes to learning and problem-solving.

Here’s something else from an expert we are all aware of.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

This popular quote from Albert Einstein will remind you about the importance of asking questions. As students, you can ask questions based on your JEE main syllabus topics and previous years papers and strengthen your knowledge of important JEE concepts. This conceptual clarity will not only help you with IIT JEE entrance exams but also prepare you for solving bigger challenges in the Science and Maths fields.

Keep in mind, the sooner you begin asking questions, the sooner you will be ready to excel as a confident and inquisitive person when it comes to learning and problem-solving.


Let’s take a look at four ways to deal with doubts during your JEE main preparation. 

1. Concepts are important

If you do not understand basic calculations, you won’t be able to use a calculator. Similarly, if your basic concepts are not clear in JEE Mains Maths or JEE Mains Physics, you will end up having too many doubts while trying to decode IIT JEE questions.

 Doubt clearing for exams becomes easier with chapter-wise JEE Main study resources such as video lectures, chapter notes etc. Additionally, JEE Mains solved question papers can also be helpful in learning the ways to use concepts in answering questions correctly.


2. Ask the expert

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, doubts are a critical part of your learning process. Don’t hold yourself back because of the fear of asking silly IIT JEE questions. Even if it is silly, it can be worth asking a JEE Mains subject expert. Sometimes, you may avoid asking questions because there are too many people present around you.

Also, in the coaching classes, you may be reluctant to ask questions from chapters that have already been completed months ago. On TopperLearning, you can comfortably ask an expert about doubts or advice online through your student dashboard at any time.


3. Understand the problem

If you visit a doctor for a health problem, the doctor will perform a proper diagnosis before providing any treatment advice, right? So, why not try to dive deeper into the topic and look for ways to clear your doubt.

 Generally, students have to travel to top coaching classes in another city to attend classes by expert teachers for understanding the JEE Maths formula and physics and chemistry concepts. Besides this travel being inconvenient, what if the classes are over and you come across doubts when revising the concepts during last-minute exam preparation?

 With TopperLearning, you have access to chapter wise JEE video lessons, JEE Mains revision notes which includes jee chemistry revision notes, physics revision notes for jee mains, jee maths revision notes and online tests series and more. Use these resources from any place, at any time to understand IIT basic concepts and solve numerous problems related to those concepts.

 If you have doubts related to a specific JEE concept, you can go through the expert solutions on TopperLearning related to the concept. Also, you can practise similar problems to understand the concept better.


4. Don’t mug formulas for JEE Mains and Advance, practise them

Do you really have to mug up all the Physics formulas for JEE Mains and Maths important formulas for JEE mains? Most experts will discourage mugging up because you may fail to solve problems with mere formulas. If you do not understand why the formula is being studied, you will struggle to apply it in numerical problems when answering JEE mains exams.

Basically, mugging is equivalent to reading a car manual and trying to drive a car without adequate training. For JEE Mains, adequate training is all about practising different types of problems so that on the exam day, you are ready with sufficient knowledge of theories as well as their applications. You can refer to Chapter wise JEE mains revision notes, mock tests, synopsis and formula list available at, which is specifically designed for JEE Main aspirants.

Finally, don’t give up on yourself because you are a shy person. Ask the expert and clear your doubts on time or else the doubts will pile up and do you no good. If you feel uncomfortable to ask questions in your JEE main class, you can ask an expert through our online learning portal and can take a free JEE Main mock test. We have subject matter experts who are excellent JEE Main Physics, JEE Main Maths and JEE Main Chemistry teachers. Also, learn from the doubts of other IIT-JEE Main aspirants by attending TopperLearning Webinar on doubt clearing for exams.

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, the April JEE Main 2021 exam has been postponed until further notice. In this critical stage of preparation for the exams, you can study from our JEE Crash Course 2021. This package comprises of FRM (Final Revision Module) & the Test Series, where the questions are modelled along the JEE pattern, to build familiarity with the exam and to improve your chances to clear Mains. To learn more about this call on 1800-212-7858.

Also, learn better from our subject matter experts by watching TopperLearning Webinar on doubt clearing for exams. So go ahead and use this proven tool to crack IIT JEE 2021.

Clear your doubts with the ample exam preparation resources and JEE mentorship support on TopperLearning. To know more, ask the expert to solve your doubts within 24 hours.

Stay indoors, stay alert!

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