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5 JEE Main Preparation Mistakes You Should Avoid Right Now!

Rubbing two flint stones can create fire, but you need to do it the right way. Similarly, if you are unable to score high marks in your JEE Main practice tests, you need to shake things up a bit and prepare an effective and error-free JEE Main preparation plan. But before that, let's take a look at some common mistakes which you need to avoid during your JEE Main preparation and JEE Advanced preparation.


Mistake #1 Not selecting the best books for JEE Mains Preparation

Even if you consider yourself a chocolate addict, would you eat 30 bars of chocolate in one go? Trying to consume anything in excess can make you sick. Now, let’s take the case of JEE main preparation. While preparing for JEE main syllabus 2021, you may surround yourself with best books for JEE Mains. You may start studying Chapter 1 in an IIT study material book and then refer to the same chapter in several other JEE Main books. The problem is you will not finish a single book with this approach. Instead, choose the best books for JEE mains preparation reference and finish them.

You may say that all books are important and are the best books for JEE mains preparation. But if you try to read the same chapter in different books, you may come across the same questions and not progress further. Eventually, you will find yourself struggling to complete all the chapters in your study plan for IIT JEE. Therefore, your goal should not be to finish studying from all the JEE reference books but to complete your JEE Main syllabus 2021 topics from a few useful books. This approach will enable you to understand the concepts of all topics while also leaving you with enough time for revision and cracking IIT entrance exam questions smartly.


Mistake #2 Trying to cover the whole JEE Main syllabus 2021

If you are offered a huge laddoo, you won’t try to gulp it. Instead, you will take small bites to eat it. Trying to gulp down a whole laddoo can lead to serious problems. Then why try to cover the whole JEE Main syllabus 2020 in one go. Take one chapter at a time, finish it, and move to the next one. Keep a steady pace for your learning process with definite but realistic goals.

Start your JEE Main preparation early so that you have enough time to cover all the chapters in your JEE Main syllabus without getting stressed. Prepare a JEE main study plan so that you continue to revise the completed chapters while you begin with new chapters. Regular revision of JEE main topics will help you to remember concepts during your exams and avoid the ‘I knew this but cannot remember now’ moments leading to panic. Better study plan to crack IIT JEE with adequate revision will lead to a better JEE Main score.


Mistake #3 Not focusing on the JEE Main syllabus 2021

Would you refer to one map or several maps to reach a destination? If you start out on a journey with too many maps, chances are you will reach the middle of nowhere. It is easy for someone to stray away from their learning path into areas that are not necessarily relevant for reaching a goal. For your JEE Main preparation, you have a JEE syllabus for planning your studies. Focus on the JEE syllabus and save time by not making JEE preparation mistakes. 

On TopperLearning, you can access previous years’ JEE MAIN exam papers to practice questions and answers according to the most recent JEE Main syllabus 2021. The exam papers will help you understand the JEE MAIN exam paper pattern and keep you from getting less intimidated when you see questions on the exam day. If you are aware of the type of questions, you will be more confident to tackle them during your exam.


Mistake #4 Not analysing mistakes

Your favourite cricketer wouldn’t have become a master batsman, bowler or wicket-keeper just by playing in the game. After every match, mistakes are analysed by cricketers to get better at their game. What this means is that you don’t need to be afraid to make mistakes. Whenever you take assessment tests, just make sure to analyse your mistakes and practice topics where you lose marks.

With enough practice, you’ll turn your weaknesses into strengths and score more marks. TopperLearning regularly hosts IIT JEE Main webinars with experts to guide IIT JEE Mains aspirants on topics such as common JEE preparation mistakes, JEE Main tips, and tricks, etc. Also, benefit from TopperLearning's JEE Main preparation resources such as MIQs and more.


Mistake #5 Your health is important

Skipping meals and not getting enough sleep can take a toll on your health. If it does, you may find it difficult to focus on your studies as you will either be unwell or feel exhausted. To ensure that you stay healthy, create a study plan for IIT JEE with enough breaks for eating proper meals and getting enough sleep.

Take time out to unwind and exercise. Go for a walk or run. Avoid sitting in the same position and studying for long hours. Do stretches so that you do not experience back pain or other health issues. Taking time off doesn’t mean you are not serious about your studies, it just helps you to operate with less pressure and with more energy on your exam day.



JEE Main and JEE Advanced are tough exams. Make it easier for yourself to tackle JEE exam 2020 with the right approach so that you do not make avoidable mistakes during your JEE Main preparation.

If you want to prevent silly mistakes in JEE main and JEE advance, TopperLearning can be there for you as your JEE Main preparation guide. You can attend TopperLearning webinars where experts share their experience on JEE Main exam mistakes and provide important tips on JEE Main preparation.


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