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Offbeat Branches of Engineering

Gone are the days when engineering specialisations were limited to Civil, Mechanical, Chemical and Computer Science. These days, you are spoilt for choice with offbeat branches of engineering such as Engineering Physics, Biotechnology Engineering, Material Science and Metallurgy, Clinical Engineering, Textile Engineering and more.

Let’s check some of the offbeat engineering branches that you can choose as your career path.


1. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering or Bioengineering teaches you to apply engineering principles in the field of healthcare. In this field of engineering, you will gain advanced knowledge to come up with life-saving innovations and technologies for improving the quality of life for people across the world. You can become a Bioengineer or Prosthetics Engineer who develops prosthetics to solve medical problems.


List of Bioengineering/Prosthetic Engineering Colleges in India

l  IIT Bombay

l  IIT Delhi

l  IIT Madras

l  IIT Kharagpur

l  College of Engineering, Pune


2. Biotech Engineering

You can be a part of major discoveries with a Biotech Engineering degree. Specialise in advanced Microbiology, Genetics or Biochemistry to work on various applications of technology by altering biological systems for human health and welfare. Biotechnology opens doors to diverse career opportunities across eco-conservation and animal husbandry to tissue culture and vaccine research.


List of Biochemical and Biotech Engineering Colleges in India

l  IIT Bombay

l  Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

l  IIT Delhi

l  IIT Roorkee

l  IISc, Bengaluru


3. Textile Engineering

Become a Textile Engineer to get involved in the design and development of processes that are used to make high-quality textile products. Imagine designing the bodysuit for security operations or astronauts. The knowledge of fabrics and engineering can help you to create such high-performance products. Job profiles for textile engineering graduates include Process Engineer, Quality Control Supervisor, Researcher, Medical Textiles Engineer etc.


List of Textile Engineering Colleges in India

l  IIT Delhi

l  The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara

l  College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneshwar

l  The Institution of Engineers, Kolkata

l  VJTI, Mumbai


4. Material Science and Metallurgy

Become an expert Metallurgical Engineer to help businesses in the production of metallic products and also come up with ideas to recycle materials. Other than Metallurgical Engineering, you can also explore different types of Material Science Engineering such as Ceramic Engineering, Plastic Engineering or Composites Engineering. As a Material Science Engineering graduate, you can start your career as a Materials Engineer, Research Scientist, Metallurgist etc.


List of Materials Science and Engineering Colleges in India

l  IIT Madras

l  IIT Bombay

l  IIT Delhi

l  IIT Kharagpur

l  IIT Guwahati


5. Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering

Not just satisfied with building drones and flying machines but fascinated with different kinds of aircraft and spacecraft? If yes, then learn to design, manufacture, test and maintain aircraft with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering. And yes, the knowledge you gather when pursuing your hobby of building drones can also come in handy. Employment opportunities for Aeronautical Engineering graduates include working as a Military Aerospace Engineer, Aircraft Designer, Assistant Aircraft Engineer etc.


List of Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Colleges in India

l  IIT Madras

l  IIT Bombay

l  IIT Kanpur

l  IIST Thiruvananthapuram

l  Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai


6. Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering is a booming career these days. As an Energy Engineer, you will be the person who knows everything about the production of energy from renewable and non-renewable resources. For your expertise, you can find amazing well-paying job opportunities with companies dealing with electrical energy, nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, oil and gas etc.


List of top Energy/Power Engineering Colleges in India

l  IIT Bombay

l  IIT Kharagpur

l  IIT Kanpur

l  NIT Tiruchirappalli

l  RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru


Putting it together, the offbeat branches of engineering are lucrative if you want to take the non-conventional path. The exciting news is you can explore futuristic career options such as working on energy efficiency projects with an energy engineering degree or building space shuttles with an aerospace engineering degree. These courses are offered by several reputed institutes such as IIT, IISc or NIT in India.


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