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Improve your performance with JEE Main Mock Tests 2021

JEE Main Mock tests are popular for a reason. Practicing it will enhance students’ knowledge in every topic of the subject. According to academic experts for IIT JEE preparation, mock tests are the most popular and important practice tool. JEE Main will be a Computer Based Test (CBT) and is a great advantage in many ways as students can get familiar with JEE Main exam pattern.

Studying from the related textbooks is essential, but you need to put what you’ve learned to practice. Make your groundwork strong through constant practice. In addition, the mock tests are designed based on questions which have come in the exam so far so that you experience the actual exam environment before the day arrives. A definite benefit is that you can test your preparation, work on your weak areas (if any) and be confident on the day of the exam. Attempting practice tests minimizes panic and stress related to the exam.

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Let us focus on how you can improve your performance through Mock Tests in IIT JEE Main 2021

  1. Plan your time and see that your study schedule lets you devotedly practice with the Mock tests especially during the final days before the exam. Study your JEE Main syllabus thoroughly. Give enough time to answer the mock tests for effective preparation. Since you are constantly revisiting the concepts studied so far, you can put in more efforts in improving the areas you are weak in. This is the most efficient tactic to succeed in JEE Main 2021.
  2. Set your clock, start the test and promise yourself to make it an actual exam setting. Time management is a significant factor to ace your performance, and nothing is better than these tests to develop this skill. Every attempt has a purpose because it will help you to improve your proficiency in the next round. When you are constantly testing your performance, you can improve your chances of cracking this difficult entrance exam.
  3. In success stories by IIT JEE aspirants, we would have noticed a common aspect of balancing the study schedule. If you did not know that already, balancing your studies and answering the mock tests are important to get the best results. You must be clear about your performance so that you can work on your weak areas better. Study every day and make an effort to answer at least three mock tests a week. Maintain this and plan your timetable wisely.
  4. After you finish answering the mock tests, go through the answers you got wrong. This is how you will be able to assess your preparation. Revisit those concepts, but this time with an approach to attain more marks. Questions in the mock tests are designed according to the actual JEE Main previous years’ papers. Use this to your advantage. Remember to share the doubts you come across with your guide.
  5. What’s next? The final advice is to check your score after every attempt. This will help you to identify the weak areas and analyze what more you need to put in. The ultimate purpose of this final step is to learn how you can accomplish the set mark. So do not be discouraged if you are unable to achieve your targeted score. With the mock tests, you will have enough time to work on your faults. After you start performing better by avoiding making errors, there will not be any hurdles to your route to success.


You already know that revising concepts works well. But now you can make your prep more effective by personalizing your study schedule with mock tests. This will not only boost your confidence but also help you to get a high entrance test score. Develop a deeper understanding of the concepts of JEE Main Math, JEE Main Physics and JEE Main Chemistry. With each attempt, you will get to know more about your preparedness in these subjects.

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