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5 Points to Help you Clear JEE Main 2021

Studying for the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) isn’t easy? You’ll be wracking your brains to figure out how to score more than the JEE Main cut-off marks. And now that JEE Main 2021 is around the corner, you’ll also be going through sleepless nights. However, with the help of these 5 points, you can gain some insight on how to clear JEE Main 2021 and get that much needed sleep to keep you fresh and alert on exam day.

1.      Secure your IIT JEE cut-off marks for JEE Main 2021

 Every year, the actual IIT JEE cut-offs are determined after the JEE Main exam. The JEE Main cut-off marks depend primarily on two factors:

(i)      Number of candidates appearing for the exam

(ii)     Difficulty level of the exam





*JEE Main Cut off Marks

Gen - 89

OBC-NCL - 74

Gen - 74.1

OBC-NCL - ,61.6

Gen – 90.3

OBC-NCL – 72.8

SC – 50

No of questions




Max marks




No of correct question to clear the IIT JEE cut off


18-19 (OBC)


15-16 (OBC)

23-24 (Gen)

19-20 (OBC)

Scoring  pattern

30 questions (+4 & -1)

25 questions

(20 Ques: +4 & -1)

(5 numerical : +4 & no negative marking)

25 questions

(20 Ques: +4 & -1)

(5 numerical : +4 & no negative marking)

Knowing the JEE Main cut-off marks in 2019 was important for understanding the JEE Main cut-off marks in 2020. Similarly, for JEE Main 2021, we have analysed the JEE Main 2020 cut off marks to help you plan your scoring strategy. Here’s a detailed analysis by JEE experts of the JEE Main cut-off marks for 2020 and the forecast of the cut-off marks for JEE Main 2021.

You can use the above analysis to employ strategies for answering questions to secure the JEE Main cut-off marks. Scoring the required marks will ensure your selection in JEE Advanced. If you aspire to join an IIT, you need to be a JEE Advanced shortlisted candidate. Getting shortlisted for JEE Advanced won’t guarantee a seat in an IIT but will increase your chances of getting selected in one of the IITs.

*Assuming that other factors remain the same

2.     Clear JEE Main with a ranker’s common strategy

JEE Main features different types of questions from the three subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. A ranker’s common strategy to crack JEE Main is to attempt Chemistry questions before you solve the Physics or Maths ones. Wondering why answer the Chemistry section first? The reason is that a significant number of Chemistry questions are based directly on concepts covered in NCERT books. Besides, you’ll find answering the Chemistry questions easier because you have already revised most of the JEE Chemistry syllabus when preparing for your school and board exams. Also, time and effort would be minimised and your rank significantly higher if you attempt questions for which you are most likely to write correct answers.




Rankers strategy for solving

Chemistry -84-86 (Ques-20-21)

Maths - 42-44 (Ques 10-11)   

Physics- 34-36 (Ques 9-10)


Chemistry - 88-90 (Ques 22-23)

Maths - 64-70 (Ques 16-18)   

Physics - 56-60 (Ques 14-16)


Let’s look at the ranker’s strategy for 2020 and 2021 charted out by TopperLearning’s JEE experts.

Try applying the ranker’s strategy to attempt JEE Main question papers from recent years. Make sure to a set timer as per the duration of the actual JEE Main exam for this exercise to be effective. To improve your problem-solving skills, solve more previous years’ question papers for JEE Main. JEE Main past years’ papers will familiarise you with the different types of questions that are asked in JEE Main.

3.     Topics to revise just before JEE Main






Conic section


Some basic concepts of Organic Chemistry

Integral calculus

Modern Physics

Organic compounds containing Oxygen


Heat and Thermodynamics

Coordination Compounds 


Magnetic effects of electric current



Which topics are the most important for JEE Main 2021? TopperLearning’s experts have created the following list of the most important topics which you must study thoroughly well before the JEE Main exam and remember to revise just before JEE Main 2021.

Revise the formulae and important concepts related to the topics mentioned above as these contain the maximum weightage in JEE Main. To increase your conceptual understanding, support study and prep materials are available online for IIT JEE Maths, IIT JEE Chemistry and IIT JEE Physics.

Also, use the following study resources to revise the key JEE Main topics:

a. JEE subject-specific blogs

Read JEE subject-specific Chemistry, Physics and Maths blogs to discover preparation tips. Spending a few minutes to read these blogs during your study break may help you to uncover subject-specific tips and to know more about the important topics and other information regarding ways to score better in JEE Main 2021.

b. Mock tests

Exam jitters are quite normal if you think about how to clear JEE. A mock test is a prep tool to ease such jitters. Take online mock tests to find out where you stand in your exam prep. If you scored less in a mock test, study the topics which caused a dip in your score and take the same mock test again. Repeat this exercise till you feel confident of scoring good marks. Move on to other mock tests and improve your JEE-answering skills. When you start seeing improvement, you’ll want to take more mock tests. As the exam date for JEE draws near, your jitters will become less and you’ll become more confident about your answering skills.

 c. JEE webinars

Webinars are conducted by experts to discuss the topic-wise weightage, paper pattern, problem-solving strategies and JEE exam tips for IIT JEE Chemistry, IIT JEE Physics and IIT JEE Maths. Listen carefully to the experts conducting the JEE webinars as they reveal some of the best strategies to score above the JEE Main cut-off marks. If you missed attending the scheduled webinars, the recorded sessions of the webinars are easily available online. With an active internet connection, you can access these free recorded JEE webinars 24/7 on study portals like TopperLearning.

 d. JEE videos

Watch JEE videos to learn the concepts covered in your IIT JEE Main syllabus and IIT JEE Advanced syllabus. If you have the time to watch videos and learn concepts, you should go for it. For ensuring conceptual clarity, experts use various audio-visual elements, animations and demonstrations to explain concepts from the IIT JEE syllabus. Through concept videos, you can easily learn concepts such as trigonometric identities, three-dimensional packing, amines and so forth. A step-wise approach to utilise videos for learning Maths and Physics would be to watch the concept videos for conceptual clarity and then move on to practising problems. In this way, you can easily learn the theory and the applications of the theory.


 4.     Tips & tricks to crack JEE Main

Once you decide to answer JEE, you’ll join the pool of students who spend every moment thinking of how to crack JEE Main. So, here are some of the best JEE Main tips by our qualified experts.


  • Guesses won’t work

Avoid guesswork as there is negative marking for incorrect answers in JEE. Wrong guesses can affect your score significantly. There is no negative marking for numerical questions.


  • Seems difficult, but it’s easy

You need to understand that the entire question paper is not difficult. Approximately 50% questions are of the easy to moderate level and involve just the application of a formula and knowledge of basic concepts. The key is to identify and solve these questions first. To develop this understanding, solve previous years’ question papers.

  • Go from easy to difficult

One of the best tactics to crack JEE Main is to attempt questions from your strong topics first. Start solving the section you are most comfortable with. You’ll feel comfortable if you begin your exam by attempting questions you are confident about. Also, it boosts confidence when tackling difficult questions later.


  • Speed with accuracy

Among the best tips to crack the JEE Main exam is to focus on speed and accuracy. Learn to manage your time by focusing on correctly solving questions at a faster pace. Speed without accuracy might lead to incorrect answers and even loss of marks due to negative marking.


 5.     Facts about JEE Main

A few JEE Main aspirants are quite unaware of the basic facts related to JEE. Most JEE Main aspirants know the important aspects of the exam which enable them to align goals with a study plan. So, let’s proceed with busting some myths and understanding the basic facts about JEE Main.

  • Will scoring above the JEE Main cut-off guarantee a seat?

Not necessarily. Scoring above the JEE Main cut-off doesn’t guarantee a seat in IIT/NIT/IIIT/CFTIs but it improves your chances of getting a seat at the premier institutes. If you aspire to join an IIT, you need to make it to the list of shortlisted candidates for JEE Advanced.

  • What is the ideal JEE score for NIT/IIIT/CFTIs?

The safe score to get admission to NIT/IIIT/CFTIs in 2019 was 185. As per experts, scoring above 155 in 2020 may ensure a seat in NIT/IIIT/CFTIs.


  • Will board exam scores matter?

Yes, board exam results matter. You need 75% in the board exams or you have to be in the top 20 percentile of your board to enter IIT/NIT/IIITs.


  • Who gets to make it to the IITs?

For admission to IITs, candidates have to answer JEE Main. Top-performing candidates are shortlisted for the JEE Advanced exam and stand a chance to gain admission to the IITs.


  • How many times can you attempt JEE Main?

You can attempt the exam for 3 consecutive years.


  • Is there any sectional cut-off for JEE Main?

There is no sectional cut-off for JEE Main.

Dreams do come true if you persist. For JEE Main 2021, you can go through the 5 points we’ve just discussed. Understand the evaluation of JEE, prepare precisely and answer questions that can safely maximise your overall score. A better score will translate into a higher JEE Main rank and bring you closer to achieving your dream of getting into an IIT or joining the desired college be it NIT, IIIT or CFTI.

To support JEE aspirants, TopperLearning provides IIT JEE previous years’ question papers, JEE webinars, JEE concept videos, mock tests and more.

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Stay indoors, stay alert!

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