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How can I increase my paper solving speed for the JEE Main 2021?

You have decided to pursue a career in Engineering and want to achieve success at any cost. However, you need to start preparing right from today or even right now if you’re yet lagging behind. Being an aspirant of JEE, you will only be able to achieve success when you start referring the reliable notes and dedicate around 60% of your crucial time in practicing the mock tests.

In recent years, we have almost seen 30% of the rise in the reported cases that the students are unable to clear their JEE Main Examination, because of the lack of paper solving speed. And the figures are disheartening that despite preparing well for the examination you are not able to clear your JEE. But this article will bring an end to your worries.

Let’s have a look at how you can increase the paper solving speed for JEE Main 2021:

1) Attempt those question first in which you are confident: You will be well aware that JEE Main will now be conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) so the chances of difficulty level are quite high. The most challenging part of JEE Main is that every option seems like a correct answer. Hence, the students actually get confused and waste a lot of time. So it is advisable to attempt only those question in which you are confident enough.

2) Keep in mind, that there is negative marking: Sometimes it happens that you are confident enough, that you will be easily clearing your JEE Main examination, but still, you are unable to clear. And the moment you see your result, you get shocked on your marks and you will keep blaming yourself or your luck. Just stop here! The major reason for not clearing your exams is that you forgot to understand that JEE has a negative marking system too. This might even lead you towards the path of failure despite attempting the full paper. 


3) Practice regularly: If you want to clear your examination, the first thing you need to do is to develop a habit of practicing regularly. It can either be solving the sample papers, past year question papers or mock tests that will help you to gain confidence and attempt any challenging question asked in the examination.

4) Always learn the fundamentals: When you attempt JEE Paper, you might be aware that all the question asked in the examination are quite confusing. For each question, you might sometime think there is a dual answer but perhaps it actually challenges your intellectual capabilities. So, you need to take weekly tests to learn the fundamentals of those concepts in order to understand to solve the complex questions.

5) Complete your paper before 15 minutes: The most common mistake a student makes is that they try to consume a lot of time in the initial set of paper, while they forgot to solve what is at the end. But if they want to achieve success in the paper they need to complete the entire paper just before 15 minutes, as they are left with the plenty of time in the end. So that they can glance through the entire paper and check what is written is right or wrong.


Following this above tips, that can definitely help you to reduce your human errors and increase your paper solving speed in JEE. 

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