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ICSE Class 10 2024 Results Declared! Here is How You Can Download

The ICSE Class 10  Results 2024 have been released by the CISCE Board today, May 6, 2024, at 11 a.m. The  CISCE board started the ICSE exam on February 21 this year, and it ended on March 28, 2024. More than 2.5 lakh students took the ICSE exams, with a 98.19% pass percentage. 

We at TopperLearning are happy to congratulate each and every student who passed the examination. Here are the details for your reference. 

The Result Percentage

2,43,617 students took the CISCE final exam; 1,30,506 (or 53.57%) of the students were boys, and 1,13111 (or 46.43%) were girls. The pass rate for girls in ICSE or Class 10 is 99.65%, while the pass rate for boys is 99.31%.

ICSE: Class 10 Result 2024



Not Passed

Total Appeared













What Do You Need to Check Your Result?

You can view the results of the ICSE year 2024 exams by entering the following details on the council's websites, and

  • Index number
  • Unique ID

Easy Steps to Download Your Results

Follow the steps  given below to access your ICSE result:

  • Visit the official CISCE site at or 
  • Enter the login details (index number and unique ID) 

  • Solve the given CAPTCHA
  • Click on the ‘show result’
  • Check the result displayed and download the page if you want
  • You can also click on ‘print result’ if you need a hard copy of the result for future reference.

Learn to Calculate Your Percentage

Whether you are a student, parent, or educator, you can estimate the percentage by following the steps below:

  • Total %: Calculate the average of the figures obtained in each subject mentioned in the ‘Percentage Marks.’ The total % can be found by adding up all six percentage marks and dividing the total by six.
  • Best Five %: Select any five (from the ‘Percentage marks’ column) to determine the percentage of the best five. Do not forget to add your English marks to the best five. Divide the total by the number of subjects (5 in this case).

Career Options after Class 10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the ICSE board examination's minimal pass scores?

Ans: In order to pass the ICSE board examination, students need to receive at least 33% in their marks.

Q2. What are Class 10 ICSE 2024 compartmental exams?

Ans: For ICSE students who failed any number of subjects on the board exams, a compartmental examination is an extra board exam.

Q3. How can I apply to re-check for an ICSE exam?

Ans: Students can request a recheck via the board websites if they are not satisfied with their results. Each ICSE paper will cost pupils ₹1,000. Via their school head, they can also seek a re-check.

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