Please answer question no 4 with proper explanation 

Asked by adityaahuja099 | 13th Nov, 2017, 08:03: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style f o r space 3 N space f o r c e
F equals m a
3 equals 2 x a
a subscript 1 equals 3 over 2
f o r space 5 N space f o r c e
5 equals 2 x a
a subscript 2 equals negative 5 over 2 space left parenthesis negative space n e g a t i v e space b e c a u s e space o p p o s i t e space i n space d i r e c t i o n right parenthesis

resultant space acceleration space after space application space of space 5 straight N space force
straight a equals straight a subscript 2 minus straight a subscript 1 equals negative 5 over 2 minus 3 over 2 equals negative 4 straight m divided by straight s squared space left parenthesis retardation right parenthesis

straight v squared equals straight u squared plus 2 as

0 equals 2 squared plus 2 straight x minus 4 xs
straight s equals 1 half space straight m

straight w equals straight F. straight s equals space 5 straight x 1 half equals 2.5 space straight J

straight D right parenthesis space None space of space these end style

Answered by Gajendra | 6th Dec, 2017, 04:42: PM