Person A move from ground to third floor of his house through lift and person B do the same job with staircase who has done more job give reason

Asked by Yasmeenalisha10 | 10th Dec, 2019, 12:34: PM

Expert Answer:

Work done = mgh 
m -mass of the body
g - gravity
h - height
Person A and person B may be having different weight. So, if the weight of A is more then work done by A will be more and if weight of B is more work done by B will be more. Now, let's consider that the mass of person A and person B are same. then in such case the weight will be same and hence the work done by both persons will be same. 
Note: The height at which both the persons are reaching is same. Thus, if the weights of both the persons are same the work done by both of them will be same. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 10th Dec, 2019, 04:54: PM