Depict the galvanic cell in which the reaction- Zn(s)+2Ag+(aq)gives Zn++(aq)+2Ag(s)takes place, further show (1)which of the electrode is -vely charfe. (2)The carriers of the current in the cell and (30 Individual reaction at each electrode

Asked by Abhishika John | 19th Feb, 2014, 03:15: PM

Expert Answer:

The galvanic cell in which the given reaction takes place is depicted as:

(i) Zn electrode act as anode in galvanic cell so it will be negatively charged.

 (ii) Electrons move anode to cathode in the external circuit, and the direction of flow of current is always opposite to the flow of electron so that current will flow from silver (cathode) to zinc (anode).


At anode

Zn(s) →  Zn2+(aq) + 2e

At cathode

Ag+ + e   →  Ag(s)

Answered by  | 21st Feb, 2014, 11:25: AM

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