CBSE Class 11-science Questions and Answers

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CBSE XI Science - Physics

What does the universal gas constant R signifies

Asked by Shailendrarawat79100 | 18th Feb, 2020, 12:20: PM

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CBSE XI Science - Mathematics

Find the range  f(x)= root 9-x^2 my doubt is that the answer says [0,3]. But since we have a square root, won't we get range [-3,3]?

Asked by fishtailfever | 15th Feb, 2020, 05:11: PM

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CBSE XI Science - Chemistry

Molecular orbital theory explanation

Asked by mandriosa67 | 13th Feb, 2020, 03:03: PM

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CBSE XI Science - Mathematics

In a triangle ABC, (b^2 - c^2) / (b^2 + c^2) = sin(B - C) / sin(B + C), prove that it is either a right-angled or isoceles triangle.

Asked by kandappan | 13th Feb, 2020, 01:40: PM

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