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CBSE Class 11-science Questions and Answers

If you are looking for Class 11 Science online study materials, you’ve come to the right place. On TopperLearning, you’ll find quality e-learning materials for subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Hindi. These study materials include sample papers, MIQs, textbook solutions, video lessons and more.

Understand the course structure and exam paper pattern by going through the latest CBSE Class 11 Science syllabus. With access to the accurate list of syllabus topics, you’ll be able to create an appropriate study plan for your exams. Revision is key to remembering the key concepts learned in class. Get free access to the important revision notes for CBSE Class 11 science prepared by TopperLearning’s experts. Also, improve your Hindi writing skills with textbook solutions or understand concepts in Physics with our conceptual videos.

You just need to access your TopperLearning dashboard for utilising our compiled CBSE Class 11 Science study resources such as sample papers, NCERT solutions, syllabus, videos, revision notes and online mock tests. Study complex topics as per your convenience with our 24/7 access to CBSE Class 11 Science resources and score well in your CBSE final exams for Class 11.

CBSE 11-science - Hindi
Read the extract and answer the questions given below - To slow the boat down, we dropped the storm jib and lashed a heavy mooring rope in a loop across the stern. Then we double lashed everything, went through our life raft drill, attached life lines, donned oilskins and life jackets - and waited. (a) Why did they go for the life-raft drill? (½) (b) What does the word 'we' here refer to? (½) (c) Write the meaning of - 'Stern' (¼) (d) 'To drop' here means - (¼) (i) to slope downwards (ii) to make something fall (iii) to stop something
Asked by shh2621201_pranjali | 05 Mar, 2022, 10:03: AM
CBSE 11-science - Maths
Sin (theta ) X Cos (theta ) এ-র ক্ষুদ্রতম মান কী হবে?
Asked by tapasdad65 | 29 Dec, 2021, 10:23: PM
CBSE 11-science - Hindi
anuched on Bhartiya krishi and mara Javan ka lakshya
Asked by kajalyadav.raipur7 | 03 Nov, 2021, 10:53: PM
CBSE 11-science - Maths
Asked by anwesh.abhilash005 | 09 Sep, 2021, 11:54: AM
CBSE 11-science - Maths
find the value of sina-cosa-sina+cosb/sina+cosa-sinb-cosb
Asked by tushiadhikary1978 | 04 Sep, 2021, 04:34: PM
CBSE 11-science - Maths
Asked by muklisur2004 | 18 Jul, 2021, 11:19: PM
CBSE 11-science - Maths
Aurangpur, Uttar Pradesh 203201, India
Asked by krishanpa75 | 05 Jul, 2021, 07:24: PM
CBSE 11-science - Maths
Let two terms of HP are 12 and 15. All the terms of this HP consists of Natural Number. If among the largest possible such HP. the three terms a, b, c which are in increasing GP.   a) a=15 b) b= 30 c) c= 60 d) a+b+c=2​
Asked by mjgandhi2305 | 04 Jun, 2021, 08:18: AM
CBSE 11-science - Maths
Let p(x) be a polynomial with integral coefficients. Let a, b, c be three distinct integers such that p(a)=p(b)= p(c) =1 find the number of integral roots of p(x)___ 
Asked by vibhukhera3 | 31 May, 2021, 06:41: PM
CBSE 11-science - Maths
middle formula
Asked by akashdeepbatth11 | 28 May, 2021, 02:59: PM
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