CBSE Class 11-science Questions and Answers

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CBSE XI Science - Chemistry

Explain ostwal theory of acid base indicator by taking methyl orange as an example  

Asked by chandushreep16 | 29th Mar, 2021, 10:43: PM

CBSE XI Science - Mathematics

find the derivative of e^√tanx

Asked by anaganijigeesha1111 | 22nd Mar, 2021, 04:14: PM

CBSE XI Science - Mathematics

Oospores, ascospores, and basidiospores form in fungal hyphae during:

Asked by Rahulchoudhary15905 | 24th Feb, 2021, 01:06: PM

CBSE XI Science - Mathematics

what is the multiplicative inverse of -i  

Asked by meetgarach778 | 19th Feb, 2021, 09:54: PM

CBSE XI Science - Hindi

what are the achievement of 7 3rd and 74 amendment

Asked by anujgautam798 | 14th Feb, 2021, 11:40: AM

CBSE XI Science - Mathematics

x-1 + √x-1/ 2√x-1

Asked by ayushmarakana294 | 7th Feb, 2021, 03:09: PM

CBSE XI Science - Mathematics

Please solve this question

Asked by chelrudranil | 27th Jan, 2021, 12:42: PM

CBSE XI Science - Mathematics

Does the point (4, -3) lies inside, outside or on the cirle x2 + y2 - 4x + 2y – 3 = 0

Asked by JenostewinLOL | 25th Jan, 2021, 09:15: AM

CBSE XI Science - Mathematics

prove that tan70+tan20=2tan50

Asked by amith79956 | 5th Jan, 2021, 02:44: PM