please tell how to solve

Asked by deep.saluja101 | 10th Mar, 2021, 10:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Left side figure shows simplified version of given circuit.
We can see that in given circuit three numbers of 2Ω resistors are in series and this series combination is
in parallel to another 2Ω resistor. Hence in simplified circuit,   three 2Ω resistors connected in series is replaced
with their equivalent resistance 6Ω .
equivalent resitance of parallel combonation of 2Ω and 6 Ω resistance is 1.5 Ω
begin mathsize 14px style R subscript e q space end subscript equals space fraction numerator R subscript 1 cross times R subscript 2 over denominator R subscript 1 space plus space R subscript 2 end fraction space equals space fraction numerator 2 cross times 6 over denominator 2 plus 6 end fraction space capital omega space equals space 1.5 space capital omega end style
Current in the circuit = 3 V / 1.5 Ω = 2 A

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 10th Mar, 2021, 10:42: PM