please answer the following questions for me : 1. two alternating currents are expressed as I= Im sin wt and I = Im cos wt. what is the difference between the two . 2.the electric mains in the house are marked 220 V,50Hz. write the equation for instantaneous voltage. 3. if the frequency of an ac source in a LCR circuit increases,how does the current in the circuit change ? explain. 4.what is admittance of an ac circuit ? 5. an ac voltage of frequency f is applied across a series lcr circuit. let fr be the resonance frequency for the circuit. will the current in circuit lag,lead or be in same phase with the applied voltage when i) f > fr ii) f < fr. explain the answer in each case.

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Expert Answer:

2.Instantaneous voltage=
3.Current in LCR :
so if frequency increases,current will decrease.

Answered by  | 21st Dec, 2012, 02:49: PM

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