I have not yet understood what a capacitor and an inductor actually do.Could you please explain their functions and properties.And also how capacitor is used in full wave rectifier for filtering ac.

Asked by ARUN C ABRAHAM | 25th Feb, 2012, 12:48: PM

Expert Answer:

capacitor: The capacitor's function is to store electricity, or electrical energy.
The capacitor also functions as a filter, passing alternating current (AC), and blocking direct current (DC).
This symbol  is used to indicate a capacitor in a circuit diagram.

The capacitor is constructed with two electrode plates facing eachother, but separated by an insulator.
Inductor: An inductor stores energy in a magnetic field. An example is the coil in an automobile sparkplug distribution or coil on plug technology. When the magnetic field collapses in the coil, it liberates its energy. That's how the spark is made.

Answered by  | 25th Feb, 2012, 02:25: PM

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