How will you infer with the help of an experiment that the same current flows through every part of the circuit containing three resistances in series connected in series connected to a battery?

Asked by aaksfriends22 | 4th Nov, 2017, 01:12: PM

Expert Answer:

This can be understood using water flowing in a pipe analogy
Consider that the three resistances in series are three water valves and the wire is the water pipe. 
whatever amount of water entering the pipe and leaving it should be same.
controlling valve is similar to controlling the resistance to flow of water.
Similarly, in a series connection, the current entering the series connection will be equal to the current leaving the series connection.
since is there no other branch connected all the current flows through the same connection.
If the resistance has high value then more work will be done to move the same amount of current flowing through it.
that is more potential drop across that resistance, energy required to do this work is obtained from battery source applied.
If the resistance value is extremely high then there will be a need to do a great amount of work to be done.
For which there is need of great amount of energy which cannot be provided by the battery. so in such case,
the extremely high resistance will stop all current to flow.

Answered by Gajendra | 4th Dec, 2017, 12:35: PM