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Why NCERT Textbook Solutions Are Enough for JEE Main April 2020?


Why NCERT Textbook Solutions Are Enough for JEE Main April 2020?

NCERT Solutions : Right Study Material for JEE Main 2020

By Topperlearning Expert 27th Mar, 2020 05:20 pm

The year 2020 has been quite baffling for students appearing for JEE Main. The change in exam body for JEE in 2019 from The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to National Testing Agency (NTA) has raised questions about what else may change. Also this year we are facing the pandemic called Covid-19 which has postponed JEE Main April attempt. This has given students some extra time to prepare for their entrance exams.


Amid such situations, how should one prepare for JEE 2020? The first step to success is to begin early. Students have been preparing for these exams since a year or two. What matters next, is your choice of academic resource. Which books should you rely on? And why?


Choosing the right study material for JEE is half the battle won. You see, referring to too many books will only add to the confusion; not referring to enough will reduce your competitiveness. The solution? NCERT textbooks.

If you are a student of CBSE, you are already following NCERT solutions as a part of school curriculum. And, the wisest thing to do is, to begin JEE preparation with something familiar. Something that you have to read unavoidably.


But will NCERT solution be enough for JEE Main preparation? You may be wondering.  Let’s put you at ease.


Here are Top 8 reasons that justify why NCERT solutions are enough for JEE Preparation:


CBSE Sanctioned– By making the NCERT solutions your Bible, and you will clear JEE with more ease than you can imagine. The CBSE curriculum is completely based on NCERT solutions. Until now, CBSE was the exam body for JEE. Even though the exam body has now changed to NTA, there has been no official announcement about changes in IIT JEE syllabus or question pattern. So, you can fall back on NCERT for JEE like several others before you.


Direct Questions – In JEE Main, questions are sometimes directly picked from NCERT textbooks. This is the most important reason why NCERT textbook solutions are your ‘go-to guy’ for JEE preparation. Also, since NCERT solutions are already a part of school curriculum for CBSE Class 11 and CBSE Class 12, you may as well get thorough with it now and stay ahead with your JEE preparation.


Well-defined Concepts – In JEE, students are required to answer MCQs, and to do so students must have conceptual clarity. Only if you break down concepts to the last minuscule, can you answer objective questions quickly and correctly. NCERT solutions are widely popular among students and teachers for their conceptual clarity. So, you can safely rely on them.


Simplified language – The simple language used throughout the NCERT solutions makes learning easy, especially when you are studying complex, scientific concepts!


Apt Illustrations – And here comes the best part: In NCERT solutions, not only are the concepts vividly explained but also adequately illustrated with graphs, tables, and diagrams. This promotes visual learning and enhances memory. Thanks to the apt illustrations, students grasp the concept at a deeper level and retain it longer. What more could you ask for, especially when you have so much studies to cope with before the JEE exams.


Proper topic segmentation – In NCERT solutions, there is a hierarchy of topics that promote systematic and step by step learning. Consider the summary section in NCERT textbooks given at the end of each chapter. Handy as it is, it lets you revise the whole chapter in a few minutes and you can brush up the key concepts in no time at all. Due to the methodical approach and quality content of NCERT solutions, it is considered to be a grade-saver and time-saver.  


Back to the Basics – To crack JEE exam with flying colours, you must have a firm grasp on the concepts. And this you can achieve by spending time with your NCERT solutions. Take them on vacations, sleep with them underneath your head, and you will crack JEE Main April 2020 like it’s a cakewalk. If it is so simple, then how come so many people fail to crack JEE every year? You will be amazed to know that how many failures could have been altered just by reading NCERT solutions cover to cover.


Everything at one place – To score 200 out of 360 easily in JEE Main bank on NCERT Solutions. To sum it up, NCERT covers up the majority of the syllabus for JEE exams. But for the remaining, you need to widen your horizon beyond NCERT. While it is definitely enough, but it is not the be all and end all when it comes to JEE preparation. This is where your previous year question papers, question banks and mock test papers come in.


All said and done, if you minutely study NCERT Physics, Chemistry and Maths solutions for both CBSE Class 11 and 12, you can rest assured that most of your preparation has been taken care of, and you are good to go.


Since the JEE Main April 2020 has been postponed and there is more time for the students to prepare. TopperLearning has decided to offer the JEE Cracker 2020 package for 499 only! This package has everything from study material to assessment questions, to help the student gauge their performance and to familiarize themselves to the exam question pattern. To know more about this call on 1800-212-7858.

Stay indoors, stay alert!


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