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NEET study plan- 5 Tips for creating it!


NEET study plan- 5 Tips for creating it!

Let’s find out how to create the ideal study plan to make it to the list of top rankers in NEET 2021.

By Topperlearning Expert 22nd Apr, 2020 11:15 am

Each year, several Class 12 students across the country work extra hard to fuel their ambitions of entering the medical field with their NEET study plans. There’s no doubt that NEET study preparation will determine who gets the medical seat aspired by the lakhs who answer the exam. If you are among the NEET aspirants in 2021, your NEET 2021 preparation should include a study plan with strategies used by toppers.


5 Tips for Creating the Best NEET Study Plan

NEET preparation depends on your learning objectives. There is the revision of a long list of topics from three subjects—Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You need to put in the time to work on your exam nervousness too. Then, once you start feeling confident, you need to add in the extra efforts to score top marks. Based on your study goals, you can create a study plan according to your personal and academic commitments.

So, what should be part of your NEET study preparation? Below are 5 key aspects to create an effective NEET study plan for scoring top marks.

  1. A study schedule and tracker

    These days, study schedule templates are easily available online. However, it is best if you can use those templates as a reference to create your custom study schedule. Following someone else’s study schedule may or may not work effectively for you. Chances are there may not be an alignment when you try to match your classes, learning pace, personal commitments etc. with your NEET study plan.

    Also, just keeping a schedule is not useful if you don’t track and modify it from time to time according to your progress. Creating a schedule with daily, weekly and monthly learning goals along with periodic evaluation of the study plan can be a good scheduling approach. During the scheduled study plan reviews, you can realign your learning goals and modify the study plan as needed.

  2. Revision resources for NEET study preparation

    For NEET preparation, one of the best resources is NCERT solutions. You can revise all NEET-related topics in the NCERT syllabus for Class 11 and Class 12. Class 11 Science and Class 12 Science students can enjoy the twin benefit of preparing for their board exams and NEET by using NCERT books for revision. If you struggle with conceptual clarity, the video lessons for NEET study preparation are accessible online. You can watch these online concept videos to thoroughly learn NEET topics.

    During NEET study preparation, NCERT solutions can also be an effective way to get clarity on the methods to solve a numerical problem or draw a diagram. Expert Science teachers provide step-wise answers for questions from your NCERT textbook in the textbook solutions. In addition, experts provide NEET topic notes to present concepts in a structured manner on online study portals like TopperLearning. These notes enable you to answer questions accurately on the day of your exam.

  3. Assessment materials for NEET self-evaluation

    Studying your complete NEET syllabus topics is as good as winning half the battle. Next, you should use the assessment resources to test your skills for the competitive exam. At this point, you can attempt previous years’ question papers, weekly tests and NEET sample papers for NEET 2020 preparation. Get acquainted with the types of questions which are likely to appear in NEET by going through NEET question paper solutions by experts.

    For quick assessments, you can take online NEET mock tests. When you assess yourself during self-study, you will come across the topics that you are good at and those which are your weaknesses. Note down these topics and use the insights from your assessment to modify and improve your NEET study plan.

  4. Clarification of doubts

    It would be quite normal if you end up with loads of doubts while revising the numerous topics across Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the NEET 2021 syllabus. One of the effective ways to clear doubts would be to go back to the revision notes to understand the theoretical part of a topic. If reading doesn’t help, practise writing sample paper solutions related to the topic that is confusing you.
    You can even revisit concept videos from your NEET study plan. Experts use examples and audio-visual elements to explain concepts in online video lessons. Going back to your basic concepts will also help you clarify the doubts related to calculation-based questions. Another way to get clarity on your doubts would be to discuss your doubts with your teachers. However, your teachers may not always be available because of their busy schedules.

    These days, support from subject experts is available for NEET aspirants online. While revising topics according to your NEET 2020 preparation plan, if you have doubts, you can use our Ask the Expert facility to resolve your doubts. Also, in this online doubts and solutions forum, you can learn from the expert answers to the queries of other NEET aspirants.

  5. Importance of study breaks

    Although putting in maximum time into revision should be your goal, doing so can be impractical. You have to add sufficient breaks in your NEET study plan for better focus. These breaks can be used for following a balanced diet and for leisure activities. Take a break to grab a healthy snack or take a short walk to feel energised. You may also listen to your favourite music or watch something which will cheer you up. These activities during short breaks can act as stress-busters.


Plan your break so that you don’t spend too much time away from studies. You can plan a short break and a long break in a day’s study schedule. A good study schedule will even help you to sleep on time and stay healthy. Also, you will feel more relaxed when you get back to studies after planned breaks. If you are clear about your day’s activities and study goals, you can relax and enjoy your breaks whole-heartedly.

You may be studying in Class 10, Class 11 or Class 12 and targeting NEET 2022 or NEET 2021. NEET study packs loaded with sufficient revision notes, question papers, weekly tests etc. are available at TopperLearning to support you. Our chapter-wise concept videos for Physics, Chemistry and Biology along with our NCERT solutions will also benefit you during NEET exam preparation. You can add these essential study materials to your NEET study plan and work your way towards achieving your desired score in the NEET 2021 exam. You can also study with our crash course for NEET 2021 at Rs 3499/- only.

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