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NEET 2021- Utilise The Quarantine Time To Get More Marks


NEET 2021- Utilise The Quarantine Time To Get More Marks

It is not every day that you get extra time to prepare for competitive exams. The quarantine time has turned out to be a relief for many aspirants.

By Topperlearning Expert 29th Apr, 2020 08:04 pm

It is not every day that you get extra time to prepare for competitive exams. For NEET 2021 exam preparation, the quarantine time has turned out to be a relief for many aspirants. Why won’t this be a relief? You will now have additional time to review the topics that you were not confident about earlier. As of now, the exam date for entrance exam NEET 2021 is 1st August 2021. Instead of giving in to the frustration of staying at home, use the extra quarantine time to prepare better for the postponed exams.

Here are a few quick NEET exam tips to maximise your abilities for scoring top marks using the quarantine time:

  1. Studying on your own with no coaching

    You may be among students who have been in and out of various coaching classes to master the Science subjects from the NEET 2021 syllabus. Later, you may use the available online learning materials for revision. Now, that you have all the time to yourself, you should learn to study effectively on your own. Remember, studying is not just about long hours of reading revision notes or practising textbook solutions. You have to take tests to improve your exam confidence too.

  2. Self-assessments as per your learning pace

    While learning on your own, watch concept videos and take weekly tests. Make sure to attempt sample question papers and previous years’ question papers. Also, the solutions for these question papers by experts can be useful during self-assessment. There are several online practice tests with test analysis for self-study too. Use these for practice and to train yourself and gain conceptual clarity of the NEET syllabus topics. You can also study and take mock exams ( Get 1st Mock test FREE) whenever you are ready without the pressure of adhering to the timetable of offline coaching. 

  3. Isolation for NEET preparation

    Although you are already under quarantine, there will be constant activity with all the members of the family also at home. Earlier, you may have used the living room to study. But now, there is someone watching television in the living room during their free time. Another case can be that you need to find an isolated space to study because you share your bedroom with your sibling or other members of the family. If there are things disturbing your study hours, talk to your family about your study schedule. When you have an understanding with other family members, you can avoid conflicting situations. In this way, you can study for your NEET 2021 exam without any disturbances in an isolated space in your house.

  4. Go through previous years’ NEET papers

    Previous years’ papers present you with a wealth of abundant questions and answers to practise. There are solved previous years’ papers that you can use to understand the solutions for questions in Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Attempt as many of these question papers according to the schedule of the actual exam during your quarantine time. When the actual exam day arrives, you will be brimming with confidence to attempt questions successfully and score marks.

  5. Learn online from NEET expert

    Even though you are not going to a physical classroom, you can visit online learning portals to get support from experts. Attend NEET webinars to get involved in discussions related to NEET exam tips, common doubts etc. Also, post your questions in online forums for a response from subject experts who are accessible through these forums.


We hope that these NEET exam tips will be useful to make your quarantine time more productive. With better preparation, you can target better scores in your exam and get closer to your dream of being a successful professional in the medical domain.

If you need a comprehensive study plan to crack NEET this year or in the coming years, TopperLearning can help you. There are study packs covering mock tests, concept videos, weekly tests and more for NEET preparation. Whether you are targeting NEET 2021 or NEET 2022, TopperLearning enables you with sufficient online learning for comfortably studying from home. You can also study with our crash course for NEET 2021 at Rs 3499/- only.

For more details, talk to our academic counsellor at1800-212-7858 / 9372462318


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