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9 tips to attempt the JEE Main 2021 Computer Based Test

JEE Main is one of the crucial entrance exams for students who wish to study at India’s leading institutions such as NITs, IIITs and various Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs). To crack this exam, you need to be ready with the right exam preps. One of the important aspects of JEE Main is the way the exam is conducted. If you are taking the JEE Main online exam for the first time, we recommend you to take CBT exam mock tests to get a feel of CBT.

It is useful to understand how online CBT exam works and what are some of its features that can assist you while giving the exam. On the exam day, instead of figuring out the CBT interface and looking for options to successfully give the exam, you can focus on answering the questions correctly if you already understand CBT. Practise a series of JEE mock tests online to hone your answering skills using the CBT method. 


What is CBT?

First of all, let’s understand what is CBT in JEE? CBT stands for computer based test. In simple terms, you have to follow the instructions of the CBT to attempt the JEE questions using a computer. You don’t have to write long answers on an answer sheet or worry about supplements. If you have attempted IIT JEE previous year papers, mock tests or online MCQs, you’ll know that IIT JEE Main consists of objective type questions and numerical questions. Also, practising the MCQs similar to JEE Main paper pattern is now possible with JEE Main online mock tests.

Thinking about how will you do the working for the numerical or rough work for certain questions in the exam? Well, you will get a rough sheet to jot down your formulas, rough work or detailed solutions for finding the right answer to questions on the screen. You need to find the right answer on the rough sheet and use the mouse to select the answer on the screen. To learn how JEE Main computer based tests work, you can take CBT Exam mock tests.

You will find JEE Main mock tests free online. These mock exams are ideal for understanding the processes involved in computer based tests (CBTs). You can find JEE Main mock test 2020-21 online that are designed as per the latest IIT JEE Main syllabus for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Also, the questions in JEE Main mock test can familiarise you with the different kinds of questions as per the JEE Main paper pattern.

Here are some points to sum up the features of CBT:

  • You can call it a computer based test exam or online exam.
  • The approach of attempting a CBT is different from the pen-paper exam.
  • Questions appear on the screen along with the options.
  • To answer questions, click on the correct option on the screen using your mouse and move to next question.
  • Rough sheet is provided for any rough work or problem-solving exercise.

Also, be careful of submitting the wrong answers accidently as there is negative marking of 1 mark for each incorrect answer for questions that are not numerical. Read on to find out a few important tips to approach IIT JEE Main CBT exam.


9 Important tips to approach JEE Main CBT exam

Now, let’s understand what will be the screens you will come across and useful tips on how to prepare for the JEE Main CBT exam.

1)      Read the instructions appearing on the computer screen carefully

Don’t think it is a waste of time to read through the IIT JEE Main online exam questions as students get extra time to read the instructions. The instructions will give you important information which you may already know. However, on your exam day, reading the instructions will refresh your memory of the key exam-related points that you need to keep in mind while giving the exam.

2)      Read the question paper to get an idea about the difficulty level

If you have appeared for other computer based tests before you may notice that there may or may not be an option to view the entire question paper. However, JEE Main computer based exam gives you an option to read the complete question paper so that you can plan your time accordingly. You can view the complete question paper by clicking on the “Question Paper” option on the right side at the top of your test screen.


3)      Read the whole question paper

Decide the difficulty level and time required to solve for each subject. You may feel that you can save time by tackling one question at a time without reading the whole question paper. In your attempt to quickly finish answering all the questions, you may actually lose time worrying about questions that you couldn’t answer properly. If you lose time, you may miss out answering questions which you are confident about.

One of the best strategies to score high marks in JEE Main is to read the whole question paper. Then, plan your answer selection by first attempting all the questions for which you know the correct answers. Move on to the difficult questions after that. To make it easier, the JEE Main CBT interface indicates the answering status of the questions. You can quickly go to a particular question which has not be visited, answered or marked for review using the JEE Main CBT interface. If you are unsure about an answer, save it and come back later to review it and mark it for review.

4)      Read the whole question before attempting

Try solving questions in the JEE Main online mock tests 2021 for free to practice solving questions just like JEE Main top rankers. On the exam day, some questions might be very lengthy and may not appear on the screen at a time. On the day of your exam when you get lengthy questions, don’t forget to read the full question by scrolling down with the help of your mouse.

Also, each question will clearly display information on whether there is negative marking for an incorrect answer or not. If you are worried about time management, the screen will show you the time remaining for attempting the MCQs in JEE Main. This way, you are able to manage your time effectively.

5)      Changing language of the question

In case of difficulty in understanding the question, you can change the language of the question. Use the option “changing language”. Solve the questions and then, move on to the next question.

6)      If you’re not 100% sure about the answer, move to the next question

In an attempt to quickly complete the paper, you may end up choosing the incorrect option and lose marks. Remember, you can plan your time to come back and answer the questions that you may have missed out. If you are worried about time management, JEE Main Mock tests can be of great help. Attempt the mock tests and go through the test analysis to improve your speed and accuracy while attempting JEE Main CBT.

7)      Be careful about the numerical values

To practise numerical questions, you can take JEE Mains Mock test free online. On the day of your exam, you’ll be performing calculations on the rough sheet given to you. So, make sure to note all the values correctly on the rough sheet while solving. One wrong value can give you a wrong answer and will result in waste of time.

8)      Revisit the question in case of any doubt

If there is any doubt after solving the question, mark it for review using the option “Save & Mark for review”. This option changes colour of the question number in the question template appearing on the right side. Review the question if you get time at the end.

For other doubts related to JEE, you can use TopperLearning’s ‘Ask The Expert’ feature for seeking response to your queries from JEE experts.

9)      In case of computer failure, don’t panic

Technical issues may or may not take place during your IIT JEE Main online exam. If any such system failure happens, don’t lose focus. Stay calm and request for help to solve the problem. Once the computer failure issue is sorted, the exam resumes from the same point where you left off. So, don’t stress out in such conditions. Try to avoid panic and stay focused. With the help of JEE Main mock test, you can work on maintaining your focus during the actual exam.

We hope that the above information and tips regarding CBT will help you to clear all your doubts about CBT. Also, check out IIT JEE webinars, IIT JEE videos, IIT JEE diagnostic tests for JEE preparation. These tips can enable you to save time and score well in the upcoming JEE Main exam. Now as you are familiar with CBT, why don’t you try taking a free JEE Main Mock Test

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