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CBSE makes 75% attendance mandatory for Class 10 and 12 students


CBSE makes 75% attendance mandatory for Class 10 and 12 students

CBSE Class 10 and 12 board exam 2020: Students with less than 75 per cent attendance will not be allowed to appear for the examination.

By Topperlearning 02nd Jan, 2020 07:47 pm

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it compulsory for Class 10 and 12 students appearing for the board exams in 2020 to have 75% attendance. These revised attendance guidelines are to keep a check on students’ performance in the examinations. Students who fail to have at least 75% attendance will strictly not be allowed to appear for the CBSE Class 10 and CBSE Class 12 board examinations.

Students, parents and schools have not been adhering to the strict rules and regulations for CBSE Class 10 and 12 attendance. According to CBSE, students did not submit the required documents and certificates seeking exemption in attendance in 2019. Schools also neglected this and failed to report details of such cases to the board.

According to an analysis, the results of students whose attendance had been condoned in 2019 had performed poorly in the CBSE Class 10 and CBSE Class 12 examinations, a senior board official said.


Why CBSE took these steps?


According to board officials, the result of the 2019 board examination was analysed, and they concluded that students who had performed miserably in the examinations had comparatively poor attendance. After this analysis, CBSE took a step to prepare standard operating procedures (SOPs) for dealing with students having attendance less than the prescribed percentage.

These have to be followed and complied with by schools, students and parents. Schools had been requested to communicate this information to students and parents.

Schools will now have to take up all cases with low attendance to CBSE compulsorily along with all the supporting documents. The final decision of whether a student is allowed to appear for the examination or not will be taken by the board in accordance with the bye laws.

Rule 13 of the examination bye laws of the board specifies the attendance requirements for a student to be eligible to appear for the CBSE Class 10 and CBSE Class 12 examinations, while Rule 14 of the examination bye laws states the percentage of attendance up to which it can be considered for condonation and the grounds for its consideration.

Who can be exempted?

As stated in the norms, students can be exempted on account of any prolonged illness, loss of a parent (mother or father), or reasons of a similar nature, and authorised participation in sports at the national or international level.


If a candidate has a genuine reason for the shortage of attendance, schools have to submit a request letter from the parent, a certificate issued by the authority concerned and recommendation of the school concerned in the required pro forma by 7 January 2020. As per the circular, no case will be considered after the deadline and all the standard operating procedures for calculation of attendance will have to be followed.

Now as 75% attendance is compulsory for Class 10 and 12 students for every academic session, schools will have to compile attendance up to 1 January and identify cases of poor attendance. These cases along with supporting documents will have to be sent to the CBSE regional office by 7 January. The regional offices would communicate any deficiency in documents to schools, and schools would have a deadline to respond. The last date for approvals by CBSE will be 7 February

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