Write the equation of a line parallel to x-2y=4 and passing through the point (1,-2)

Asked by rekhavarma359 | 30th Apr, 2022, 03:00: PM

Expert Answer:

Given: x - 2y = 4
straight y equals straight x over 2 minus 2
rightwards double arrow Slope equals 1 half
Slope space of space parallel space line equals 1 half
Equation space of space line space passing space through left parenthesis 1 comma space minus 2 right parenthesis space with space slope space 1 half space is
straight y plus 2 equals 1 half open parentheses straight x minus 1 close parentheses
rightwards double arrow 2 straight y plus 4 equals straight x minus 2
rightwards double arrow straight x minus 2 straight y equals 6

Answered by Renu Varma | 1st May, 2022, 04:53: PM