find the equation of a straight line passing through the point of intersection of lines 2x+3y+7=0 and 3x-4y-15=0 and is parallel to the line

Asked by prachifauzdar1 | 4th Jan, 2021, 12:18: PM

Expert Answer:

2x+3y+7=0 i.e. x = (-3y-7)/2 
3x-4y-15=0 i.e. x = (4y+15)/3
The intersection of the lines is obtained as follows:
(-3y-7)/2 = (4y+15)/3
-9y-21 = 8y+30
17y = -51
y = -3
Therefore, x = (4x(-3)+15)/3 = (-12+15)/3 = 1
So, the point of intersection is (1, -3)
Slope of the required line will be equal to the slope of the line which is parallel.

Answered by Renu Varma | 6th Jan, 2021, 11:58: AM