when some charge given to a material spreads on the entire surface, it is a conductor. how? explain

Asked by goyalpavitarta | 27th Apr, 2021, 01:19: PM

Expert Answer:

Electric field inside a conductor is zero.  We can not have net charge in a given volume inside the conductor 
because  electric field is zero inside conductor , Hence all the charges given externally to the conductor resides only on surface.
If charges accumulate at one place on a surface of conductor, this will give electric field inside conductor.
Hence in order to get zero electric field inside conductor , the charge on the surface spread over the surface uniformly.
From energy point of view, Chrage on the conductor will seek a configuration that minimizes its potential energy.,
Electrostatic energy of a solid object with specified shape and charge is minimum when charge is spread over surface.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 27th Apr, 2021, 02:30: PM