if we rubbed comb in hair and then we brought near paper then we see they get attract each other ,so in that case comb is negative or positive charge ?

Asked by prakashseema091 | 31st May, 2021, 03:18: PM

Expert Answer:

If comb that is made of plastic is rubbed in hair , hair will get positive charge and plastic will get negative charge
because electron affinity of plastic is greater than that of hair .
Hair has tendency to loose electron and plastic has tendency to gain electron . 
After rubbing plastic comb in hair it gets negative charge . When this negative charged plastic comb is brought near small piece of paper, 
side of paper piece near to plastic comb will get positive charge due to induction . Due to attractive forces between opposite charges ,
small paper piece is attracted to plastic comb.
In the case of Plastic comb is rubbed in hair , excess postive charges are created in plastic comb.
Whereas when charges induced in small piece of paper , side facing the plastic comb gets negative charge
due to force of attraction and positive charge will move to opposite side of small paper piece .
This is shown in above figure. Hence net charge on paper is zero   

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 31st May, 2021, 04:58: PM