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Asked by carnivalgirl8421 | 29th Jun, 2022, 10:03: PM

Expert Answer:

A) There exists symmetric radial electric field lines in empty space inside the hollow sphere.
Above statement is false .
If the charge is at centre of sphere then we have symmetric radial electric field lines.
But in this case charge is placed at a off-centre position . Hence electric field lines will not be radially symmetric.
B) Outside the conducting sphere, radial electric field lines will exist .
Above statement is true.
Induced charges on the surface of hollow conducting sphere is distributed uniformly that gives radial electric frield lines.
C) Non-uniform distribution of charges is there on inner surface of conducting surface
Above statement is false.
If there is a non-uniform distribution of chrages , then we will get electric field in angular direction
over the inner surface of sphere.
But the given hollow sphere is made of conductor, hence electric field in angular direction is zero.
Hence non-uniform distribution of charges over inner surface of hollow sphere is not there.
Induced charges are distributed uniformly over the inner surface of hollow sphere.
D) charges will get induced on sphere.
Yes. Above statement is true.
By induction, Surface of sphere is getting uniform charge distribution

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 30th Jun, 2022, 08:43: AM