What is Ideal dipole?

Asked by abrahamkhan58109 | 16th Aug, 2018, 10:04: AM

Expert Answer:

- A pair of equal and opposite charges seperated by a small vector distance is called an electric dipole.
- An ideal dipole consists of two very very large charges + q and - q seperated by a very very small distance.
- An ideal dipole has almost no size.
- Molecules are made up of positive and negative charges seperated by small distances like water, ammonia etc and they act as electric dipoles.
- Molecules which have non uniform distribution of charge are known as  polar.Polar molecules will always be slightly negative on one end and slightly positive on the other Polar molecules are said to be permanent dipoles.
Eg: water, carbon dioxide.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 16th Aug, 2018, 03:33: PM