The window shown in the shape of a semi-circle with radius 4 ft. The distance from S to T is 2 ft and the measure of ˆAB=45∘. Area of glass in the region ABCD is

Asked by rushabhjain.a | 22nd Feb, 2019, 02:32: PM

Expert Answer:

Area of glass in the region ABCD is difference between  circular sector AOB and circular sector DOC
Area of glass = begin mathsize 12px style 45 over 360 cross times straight pi open parentheses 4 squared minus 2 squared close parentheses space equals space 1 over 8 straight pi cross times 6 cross times 2 space equals space 4.7 space sq. ft end style

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 22nd Feb, 2019, 03:08: PM

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